Intel Xe-LP and Xe-HPG architectures do not have native DirectX 9 support


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August 15, 2022 at 2 p.m.


Intel Arc A750 © Intel

© Intel

A somewhat surprising orientation for graphics cards Intel who therefore do not look “in retro”.

Launched 20 years ago by Microsoft, the DirectX 9 library is not natively supported by Intel graphics architectures, which are therefore based on a form of emulation since DirectX 12.

Goodbye old games?

Today, few games that are remotely modern still rely on the DirectX 9 library. Among the most played titles on Steam, only Team Fortress 2 seems to still be in this case.

Still, to ensure the proper functioning of somewhat old games, it is necessary that your graphics card – as powerful as it is – be able to use this library.

Without DirectX 9 support, you can’t run games like Year 1701, Borderlands 2 Where Brothers: A Tales of Two Sons. Yet it is Intel’s choice…well, not quite.

An emulation solution

Indeed, Intel has just confirmed that there is no question of having native support for DirectX 9 on its Xe-LP and Xe-HPG graphics architectures found on Iris iGPUs and Arc GPUs. Alchemist.

However, there is no question of making a line on these old games and Intel mentions the use of D3D9On12 from Microsoft, an API allowing the translation of D3D9 commands into D3D12.

In other words, Microsoft offers to emulate DirectX 9 commands so that they are recognized by DirectX 12 devices. For the publisher, the solution is “ efficient » and allows results « as good if not better than with native support “.

Source : TechPowerUp

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