Interior design: 7 secrets that will make your home more mature

No more flat-sharing facilities – slowly but surely we want to live as an adult. But how? We have deciphered the secrets of an "adult apartment" …

Growing up is like this: at some point it happens secretly, slowly or quickly, through certain events or just like that. We cannot really grasp this process – and in fact there will probably not be a blinking threshold out there that we cross and suddenly continue walking as a finished person.

But there is a moment when we realize that we have somehow evolved. And suddenly we are, be it in our late 20s, 30s or 40s, as adult women in a room in which our teenage idol is still hanging on the wall, wondering how we could actually find it good. In short: when we grow, our apartment usually grows with a little delay. Because for a long time we don't really know how to adapt our apartment to the new phase of life.

Ultimately, furnishing your own four walls is always a matter of taste. But if you feel like you've run out of shared accommodation and are ready to let some adult flair move in, these 7 insider tips will help you.

7 secrets of an "adult apartment"

Less is more

Yes, we have loved putting out tiny decorations, postcards and photos all over the apartment to express our personality for a long time. At some point these details no longer seem cute, but suddenly overwhelming and bustling. If you know the feeling, take a box and sort it out radically. Then you just put down what actually beautifies the room. The rest goes … to the attic and becomes a memory box there.

Storage space is sexy

Who says storage space is stuffy? Cheers to utility rooms, storage cupboards and drawer systems! Because they are your best friend when it comes to keeping your four walls tidy. Open cupboards are often nice and nice, but rooms seem much quieter when you work with closed storage spaces.

Better to be durable

We know that good furniture can be quite expensive, but one positive side effect of adult life is that we usually have an income. Now we have to learn to invest that in our home too – after all, this is where we spend most of our time. High-quality furniture usually not only looks more valuable, it also lasts longer. It is better to choose selected collector's items than to set up new ones every few months – these can also be flea market antiques that you polish up.

Think holistically

It used to be kind of charming to put together your furnishings from numerous leftovers from your parents' house and from shared apartments. If you start to think holistically at some point, your apartment will automatically appear more adult. Think about what style you want and stick to it – at least in one room.

Create a family of plants

They always say that plants are a nice exercise before you have a child. Flowers, herbs and green plants not only do something for the indoor climate, they also need care. And well-tended plants clearly represent an adult apartment.


Simple but very effective: get curtains and blinds. They create comfort and privacy at the same time.

Comfort over chic

We all make this mistake: We buy this beautiful sofa that is super chic, stylish and … extremely uncomfortable. The same applies to beds, chairs and the like. To be honest: We're too old to struggle on hard, but good-looking seats. Buy things that most of all make you feel good. This is the most adult thing you can do for yourself and your home.