Internal party rival taunts: Trump charges remain pending

Internal party rival teases
Trump charges remain in abeyance

Surprisingly, a secret grand jury that could bring charges against former US President Donald Trump does not meet. While Trump can breathe a sigh of relief for at least one day, he faces prickly opposition from his own party.

Will the former US President be indicted by a secret grand jury, and if so, when? The United States is not the only one concerned with this question. According to media reports, a meeting of the lay panel planned for Wednesday, at which an indictment could theoretically have been brought, has now been cancelled. Even if the grand jury were to decide an indictment at a later date, it could be days before it becomes public. Trump would then have to appear in court.

The “New York Times”, for example, appeals in their report on the canceled meeting on two people familiar with the matter and concludes that “an indictment of the former president would not come until Thursday at the earliest.”

While the case of a hush money payment to a porn actress remains in limbo, the Republican governor of the US state of Florida and possible presidential candidate Ron DeSantis delivered further digs at Trump, whose internal party rival he seems to be becoming more and more. In an interview published today for the Fox Nation streaming service, the right-wing politician said when asked what distinguishes him from Trump, there is “no daily drama” in his government work.

DeSantis positions itself

“It’s not important to me to fight people on online platforms,” ​​said DeSantis, who is considered Trump’s most potentially dangerous rival in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. “It does nothing for the people I represent.”

When moderator Piers Morgan asked if he could defeat incumbent Joe Biden of the Democratic Party in the 2024 presidential election, the 44-year-old replied: “I think so.” He then added that that doesn’t mean he will actually compete.

DeSantis is considered the rising star of the Republican Party. The politician is pursuing a hard right-wing course in Florida and was re-elected governor in a landslide victory last fall. He has not yet announced a presidential bid, but is expected to enter the presidential race in the coming months.

When is it time?

Trump has launched a series of verbal attacks on DeSantis in recent months. This is a sign that the 76-year-old right-wing populist sees his rival, who is more than 30 years his junior, as a real threat.

DeSantis has so far avoided an open argument with the ex-president, but recently missed Trump several swipes. On Monday, the governor criticized the Manhattan public prosecutor’s office in view of the impending charges against Trump for having paid hush money to a porn actress.

At a press conference, however, he teased: “I don’t know what it means to pay hush money to a porn star to ensure silence about an alleged affair.” The clear demarcation from Trump caused amused reactions.

An indictment against Trump in the case of payment to the porn actress Stephanie Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels, before the 2016 presidential election seems to be drawing closer. Trump himself said on Saturday that he should be arrested on Tuesday – but that didn’t happen. A secret grand jury in Manhattan is responsible for bringing charges.

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