International dealers – 15-member drug gang arrested in Feldkirchen

A 15-person team of drug dealers and smugglers was able to arrest the Carinthian police on April 11th. With the sale and import of drugs, the men and women financed their lives and partially paid their gambling debts.

The State Criminal Police Office arrested 15 people in Carinthia on April 11 with officers from the Feldkirchen and St. Veit an der Glan drug investigation group and the Cobra task force Heroin, cocaine, cannabis and substitution drugs were accused on a large scale. The arrested are four Slovenians, one Nigerian and one Carinthian. House search brought great success During the house search, the police officers were able to secure more than half a kilo of heroin, cocaine, cannabis and drugs containing narcotics. The officers were also able to locate two high-priced cars that were used for courier trips. Crossbows and swords hoarded The police officers were even able to secure weapons. The officers found a crossbow and several swords and daggers in the apartment of a 29-year-old from Klagenfurt, against whom there is a gun ban. In the course of the investigation, a total of 70 drug addicts were found. The 15 suspects were taken to the Klagenfurt prison. A 22-year-old woman from Klagenfurt had to be released from prison for health reasons.
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