Internet in 2021: what happens in 1 minute?

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December 29, 2021 at 3:15 p.m.


Social networks © Vasin Lee /

© Vasin Lee /

The Internet Minute draws a robot portrait of the exchanges that take place online every 60 seconds in 2021. The figures are obviously colossal and bear witness to the richness of the Internet.

It can happen, things, in 60 seconds, especially when billions of Internet and mobile users are connected at the same time, with a remarkable number of platforms and uses. The site Allaccess, spearheaded by social media marketer Lori Lewis, has modeled global internet usage and the interactions that flow from it every minute in 2021 into a sort of diagram whose data will leave you speechless.

Hundreds of millions of interactions on major platforms every minute around the world

What Happens in 60 Seconds on the World’s Most Used Social Networks in 2021? If we start with Facebook, the first social media on the planet, we must be aware that every minute, the platform records 1.4 million scrolls on the screens, which is also called the ” scrolling “.

The data provided for YouTube is also interesting. Every minute, around the world, users and creators host more than 500 hours of content on the platform.

On the side of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the two messengers of the Meta group, we exchange some 69 million messages every minute. This is even more than in 2020 (59 million). WeChat (21.1 million messages sent per minute in 2021 against 19 million the previous year) follows the same trend. Instagram is far from being shunned by the public, with 695,000 Stories shared every 60 seconds.

2021, the year of TikTok

TikTok, which has just stolen its place as the most consulted site from Google, also panics the counters. Over 5,000 videos are uploaded to the platform every minute. In 2020, there were “only” 1,400 per 60 seconds.

Other data from the “wheel” ofAllaccess hold our attention. Every minute :

  • 197.6 million emails are sent (compared to 190 million in 2020);
  • 414,764 applications were downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store (compared to 400,000 the previous year);
  • 28,000 subscribers are simultaneously connected to Netflix to watch one of the content of the streaming service;
  • 3.4 million “snaps” are created;
  • 2 million views are accumulated on Twitch;
  • 9,132 connections to LinkedIn are recorded;
  • 200,000 people “tweet”;
  • 2 million scans are counted on Tinder;
  • $ 1.6 million is spent on online purchases.

Source: Allaccess

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