INTERVIEW. Clémence Castel (Dancing with the stars): “DALS is more stressful than Koh-Lanta”

In the casting for “Dancing with the Stars” 2022, Clémence Castel is the first candidate to dance with a woman. For Télé Star, she confided in this great first and on her motivations to participate in the TF1 show.

TV Star: Why did you accept “Dance with the stars” This year ?

Clemence Castel : The show has made me dream for years because I love the emotions that dance can convey. It is also a challenge. People know me in the mud and in a jersey so I want to surprise. I want to show myself differently; more feminine and authentic. For me, it’s a real showdown. It’s a real challenge for me, but I’m a woman of challenges.

You are the first woman to dance with a woman…

It made sense to me because it echoes my story. I also want to send a message to viewers but especially to my children. I want to prove to them that there is no need to be afraid. We may be an “extraordinary” family, but we must not be afraid to show ourselves as we are.

Did you choose your partner?

Yes, the production asked me who I would be most comfortable with on the floor. Compared to my current life, and as I am starting from zero in dance, the choice fell on a dancer. I obviously talked about it to my partner and my children. It was a non-issue for them. From the moment my relatives agreed with that, I said to myself, let’s go! In my own way, I mark a little the history of “Dancing with the stars” and I’m proud of that!

What were the reactions of your community after the official announcement?

I got lots of positive feedback. I looked at some articles and there were mixed reactions. But my participation makes sense so I don’t pay attention to it. At 38, I manage to get over it.

A word about your partner precisely?

I had said that I wanted someone with experience and who could have a good character to face the competition. She has a great character, she is a teacher. I give the best of myself naturally but she supports me and reassures me. When I see her evolve on the floor I am proud. Obviously for her it was necessary to adapt in the creation of the choreographies. It’s a challenge for her. On a dance everyone has their place but it can evolve. We have a certain freedom and I didn’t want to be confined to one role. It will be unprecedented, we will break the codes.

Did you have any apprehensions before you started?

I dread the memory lapse. I am a beginner in dance but my goal is to give the best of myself. I would like very much, at least, that my children could come to see me at the third prime.

Koh-Lanta VS Dancing with the stars; what is the hardest?

Before starting DALS I told myself that there was nothing more difficult than Koh-Lanta but despite everything since the beginning of the rehearsals I must have lost two/three kilos. There’s stress, the rhythm of rehearsals, sometimes we skip a meal… These are different difficulties, but in terms of investment, it’s the same. DALS is more stressful than Koh-Lanta because in the show we see the day to day while on Koh-Lanta you just have to hold on. I have multiplied the participations in Koh-Lanta so I am more comfortable.

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