Interview with Chiara Ferragni: “I can’t change the world on my own”

Chiara Ferragni
“I can’t change the world alone, but I can do a small part”

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She was the first real fashion blogger and helped shape the profession of influencer: multi-entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni. We met her in her hometown of Milan for an interview.

Is someone out of the ordinary who almost 30 million people virtually follow every step of the turbulent and glamorous life? Simple answer: no. When we meet Chiara Ferragni, 35, in Milan, she immediately stretches out her hand and puts on her 1000-watt smile – resistance is useless, her star appeal is engaging.

She is presenting her joint collection with Nespresso on the 31st floor of the famous Pirelli Tower, with her house in sight. Designs of the coffee machine, cups and taste of the “Milano Intenso” capsules are closely linked to her beloved adopted home of Milan and are intended to represent Chiara’s vision of Milan as a place of art, luxurious lifestyle and timeless elegance. What that means? She explains that to us in an interview.

Chiara Ferragni in the GALA interview

GALA: You are an absolute fashion professional. Be honest: What is the perfect outfit for drinking coffee?
Chiara Ferragni: When I think of “Milano Intenso”, it’s something like what I’m wearing today: chic, Milanese. But of course you don’t need a special outfit to drink coffee (laughs). I drink my first espresso first thing in the morning, I’m still wearing my pajamas and I’m not styled.

What values ​​do you share with Nespresso?
We are both very rooted in our culture, in our traditions, but in a modern way.

You live here in Milan. What do you appreciate so much about the city?
Milan is great because it’s a big city, but distances are short here. I can visit museums here with my children or go to parks. I like to go to restaurants with my friends, I love to eat out. And of course I love shopping here. The city simply has a lot to offer. But the most important thing is that I have all the important people around me here.

GALA colleague Lara Golombek with Chiara Ferragni

GALA colleague Lara Golombek with Chiara Ferragni

© Francesco Romano for Nespresso

You are a multi-entrepreneur – but also a mother of two. how do you switch off
You have to find your balance. But of course, if it’s Fashion Week, for example, then that’s part of my job and I have to structure everything well. But you don’t manage to do everything 100 percent justice, you have to keep that in mind. You have to make peace with the fact that you’re already doing your best. You can’t compare yourself either. Especially when you look at social media, you think everyone can do it better than you. But no one is better than the other.

What does it mean to you to be a woman?
I am very privileged, I am a woman who is her own boss and is economically independent. A lot of women aren’t lucky. That’s why I want to use my privilege to support more women. It is important to me to pave the way for other women. And also to talk about uncomfortable topics like injustices that we women encounter. I can’t change the world alone, but I can do a small part.

What advice would you give your younger self?
trust yourself That it’s normal not to have all the answers at the beginning. Even today I don’t have all the answers. You learn many things along the way. And we all only have one life, we should enjoy it. Trust your instincts and what makes you happy.


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