Interview with Logan about upcoming DOFUS projects

The middle of 2022 has passed, along with the DOFUS 2.64 and 2.65 updates. Now is the time to turn to its conclusion. If the calendar already records the arrival of a 19th class, it will not be the only event that will mark the memories according to Logan. The MMO producer has agreed to answer questions from the editorial staff, between some spoilers and unexpected disclosures.

DOFUS – Logan prepares the ground for the end of the year

Little reminder shot before starting, Logan is there.e producer of the game since the update of the Ebony Dofus, in 2018. In contact with the teams and the players, it is he who publicly oversees the project. He appears regularly on forums and social networks, as well as Ankama Live. His duet with Djinn (Communication Director) during TempoHebdo is for example particularly appreciated.

Starification: A rather unique situation

A few names often stand out in the video game industry on the side of development teams. However, Ankama remains quite specific in its management of nicknames and the promotion of its employees. By many passages by Twitch, the players, despite the vision of a tip of the iceberg, quickly determine who to put or not on a pedestal. Logan, often on the front line, judges this starification that can crystallize on a person as “sometimes dangerous”.


“It’s not necessarily conventional or in the violent sense, but more habitual and preconceived. »

The idea is detailed in particular in a fairly fixed vision of the “Dofus team”. If Logan leaves the project one day (which does not seem to be planned), the boat will not sink. The Ankama set will always be there behind and there will be very little effect. On the other hand, this status would for the most part be “rewarding”.


This proximity helps us to communicate better, by making ourselves happy

The Dofus 2 Unity port, of course

The subject is on everyone’s lips: Unity. The new version of the game, corresponding to a direct technological translation of the MMO, is a big piece of the next few years. Logan clarifies that there was a great desire to offer something at Japan Expo. This is factually what was reported during Krosmonote 2021. However, a demo involves a relatively high production cost, especially since the actual arrival of Ankama was confirmed very late.


The idea was to wear [le combat contre] Wax Momore and leave the hand to the players by bridling with 4 classes available. Even if it seems small, it’s already huge on a development schedule »

In addition to the maps, the Unity prototype would already have a combat system and many improvements (we know that some are expecting a large spectator mode in particular). A functional clone of the Iop would also be there. According to Logan, it’s “the day-to-day application of numerous reflections and discoveries”.

This new version should also not bring major server changes. The problems that may have appeared in recent months are in fact unrelated and have for the most part been resolved, despite some recurring problems on Ilyzaelle.


To tell the truth, the modifications clearly date from before and many are carried out without attracting the eye of the players. We have constant performance monitoring and the server team is working hard to keep everything in optimal condition. »

Dofus: a vision of the game that has evolved?

Whether with the Temporis, the return of Dofus Retro or different media coverage, Dofus seems to have the wind in its sails and has been able to wrap itself in a more mature and nostalgic image.


Displaying that we were playing Dofus [ou à des MMO] was often frowned upon 5 years ago. There was a fear of showing membership in the community for various reasons. Now, I would say that it is no longer “the loser”. It passed into the culture, Dofus entered the legend. »

It is interesting to note that this finding can be extended. The situation of Dofus, particularly anchored at the French-speaking level, is undeniably unique but remains a consequence of many more general factors in the industry, from esports to the acceptance of casualization. Whether ” the community has evolved over time“, we can all the same mention that the rope nostalgic is now also a regular feature of Ankama and has undoubtedly benefited Dofus Retro.

Alliance Vs. Alliance Revamp: The Eternal conflict waiting?

Unfortunately, Logan confirms to us in addition to the Krosmonote that a new pass on the AvA is not planned for 2022. The timing would indeed be very short between Forgelances, Temporis and other projects in preparation; we will probably have to wait a few more months.


We are planning something very ambitious, whether in the management of social or KotH [aka King of the Hill]. The GDs brought out what the AvA really was at its base and how to integrate it into the current Dofus”

The word of the end: A few small spoilers for the end of the year?

We have planned very heavy for the end of the year, in addition to the new class. There are also quite a few team initiatives on the program, but I’ll let the surprises unfold on their own! Moreover, still in the narrative arc that we are trying to develop around Lancedur, players will find webtoons around each of the characters in the series and other [l’application est déjà disponible]. Some will be in play, I hope it’s fun to have several points of view around the same story. Players are quite familiar with our philosophy by now: we want to please as much as possible ! »


We would like to thank Logan and Ankama for this exchange and the various information disclosed therein. You can already find all the information around the Unity project via this article.

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