Interview with Terra founder Do Kwon degenerates into a mud fight

In the past few months, hardly any person from the crypto scene has aroused the displeasure of investors as much as Terra founder Do Kwon. After months of silence, the South Korean finally wants to speak plainly. However, not with Bloomberg, Forbes or other well-known names in financial journalism, but with “Coinage”. A previously rather unknown medium in the crypto sector.

A minute and a half teasers shows excerpts of the course of the conversation on Twitter. It’s about the depegging of the stablecoin UST, the crypto market and the scam allegations against Do. The interview itself is available as an NFT video, viewers have to pay a transaction fee, which currently amounts to around two US dollars.

So far, so exciting. But even before the interview was published, there was a dispute on Twitter. So denounced FatMan, a well-known critic of the Terra founder, states that Do Kwon paid the video makers for the production. Specifically it says:

Do, why not give an interview to a more neutral and reputable medium like Bloomberg or Fortune instead of talking to someone who has been promoting you for years like they’re getting paid to do it?

He also reiterated allegations that Do “did billions out of the system.”

After the show’s host, Zack Guzmán, refused payment and accused FatMan of declining an attempt to talk, a real mud fight ensued on Twitter.

First of all, you didn’t ask me for an interview, you asked me to meet you in Singapore. I live in the UK though… I would say that for a long time you have supported Terra by turning a blind eye to the weaknesses of the ecosystem and acting like a creep when it suited you.

Meanwhile, part of the former Terra community is annoyed by FatMan’s renewed accusations. In addition to the choice of words, the majority criticize the lack of evidence for the allegations that the alleged insider has made in recent months. A case against Do Kwon is still pending in South Korea. Among other things, the real estate of the Terra founder is to be confiscated. In addition, South Korean police forces stormed the apartment of Terra co-founder Daniel Shin in July.

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