Interview with Werber Strerath: “SPD has by far the best campaign”

Interview with Werber Strerath
“SPD has by far the best campaign”

The election campaign is more exciting than expected, the CDU and SPD are initially fighting head-to-head, now the momentum lies with the SPD. Is that because of the campaigns? Advertiser Thomas Strerath, managing director at MediaMonks, dissects the messages of the parties in the podcast “The Zero Hour”.

A black and white Olaf Scholz on a red background with short messages on it: secure pensions, a minimum wage of twelve euros, affordable housing. Plus: Scholz tackles it. “Visually a very strong campaign,” says Thomas Strerath. In the podcast “Die Stunden Null” the advertiser and managing director of MediaMonks analyzes the campaigns of the parties – and one thing is clear to him: “The SPD has by far the best campaign”. The terms are “packaged in a way that is easy to understand”, it signals a strong claim to leadership, and so the SPD is able to communicate a clear message. “And that’s what Scholz embodies: He doesn’t let himself be disturbed.”

It is precisely this focus and clarity that is missing from its two main competitors, the CDU and the Greens. Strerath attests to the CDU campaign “a lack of focus, aggravation, concreteness”: “You try so hard to accommodate everything – and in the end nothing succeeds”, criticizes the former director of the agency von Jung von Matt. “One tries not to offer a target,” which does not allow a negative demarcation from the other parties, said Strerath, who was one of the heads behind the CDU campaign in 2017 (“For a country in which we live well and happily”). For the first time, in the interview, he also describes how the campaign came about – and with which slogan he originally started the race.

The Greens are even worse at demarcating, he thinks. The party could not really make a decision between Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, and from this “there is no claim to leadership at all”. The design of the posters looks “like a corpse of water” and shows “how pale the appearance is”. The film, in which the Greens re-set the folk song “No beautiful country”, would serve all the old stereotypes about the Greens. Strerath’s verdict: “The green appearance is the worst of all appearances.”

The advertiser is also more critical of the FDP campaign, which set standards in 2017 and was award-winning. Because she is trying to repeat the campaign from four years ago. He finds her “in love with herself”, too focused on Christian Lindner, she shows “little diversity” and “society”. On the other hand, Strerath finds the AfD campaign surprisingly successful. “Germany but normal” is from an advertising point of view – if you abstract the opinion about this party – surprising and “excellent” because it “comes completely from the target group”.

Hear in the new episode of “The Zero Hour”:

  • Why posters still play an important role for the parties.
  • How campaigns on social media and microtargeting work.
  • The genesis of the 2017 campaign “For a country where we live well and happily” You can find all episodes directly on Audio Now, Apple or Spotify or via Google.