Intimidating dissidents?: FBI arrests fake Chinese cops in New York

Intimidation of dissidents?
FBI arrest fake Chinese police officers in New York

The FBI takes action against an illegal police station in New York’s Chinatown district, two people are arrested. They are said to have worked for the Chinese government and destroyed evidence. There are said to be numerous such “police stations” around the world.

The US Federal Police FBI has arrested two suspected agents who are said to have been involved in the operation of an illegal “police station” in New York on behalf of China. According to the Ministry of Justice, the two suspects, aged 59 and 61, are accused of having worked for the Chinese government. They are also said to have destroyed evidence.

The office in the Chinatown district was closed last fall after investigations by the FBI. According to this information, the two suspects come from the New York districts of Manhattan and the Bronx. The ministry has not yet commented on nationality. The first court hearings are scheduled for this Monday.

Police stations in more than 50 countries

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the Justice Department said, “The People’s Republic of China has established a covert physical presence in New York City through its repressive security apparatus to monitor and intimidate dissidents and those critical of the government.”

According to human rights activists, China operates more than a hundred offices around the world that are used as illegal “police stations”. The organization Safeguard Defenders announced in December that 102 such facilities had been discovered in 53 countries, including in Frankfurt. Beijing has repeatedly denied such reports. According to Safeguard Defenders, there are eleven offices in Italy alone and nine in Spain. In France there should be four, in Great Britain and the USA three each.

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