Introductory day in the Federal Palace – “An emotional day” – Newcomers elected for the first time in Bern – News

  • The newly elected members of parliament got up close and personal with their new jobs for the first time in the Federal Palace in Bern on Friday.
  • Things will get serious for them for the first time on December 4th, when the winter session and with it the new legislature begins.

Before work really begins for the newly elected 50 National Councilors, Friday was another day of enjoyment. They were received for the first time in the Federal Palace and introduced to the customs of Parliament. Among other things, there was information about the infrastructure, compensation and security in the Federal Palace. They were welcomed by National Council President Martin Candinas (center/GR).

A total of 62 people and therefore almost all of the newly elected took part, said Andreas Schilter from the parliamentary services at the request of the Keystone-SDA news agency. The event was very well received.


The newly elected SP National Councilor Estelle Revaz (GE) positions herself for an interview in the entrance hall of the Federal Palace.


According to Schilter, the focus was on concrete information for the newly elected parliamentarians. Among other things, it was about how to use the business database – or what to do if someone wanted to submit a request or invite a group and lead them through the Federal Palace.

Estelle Rivaz (SP): “A very emotional day”

The newcomers were also able to sit down on their chairs in the National Council chamber for the first time. The participants were also explained how the voting system works. They could also have tried out the system and tuned it on a trial basis, says Schilter. After the official part, a joint lunch was on the agenda.

After picking up her badge, Geneva SP National Councilor Estelle Rivaz told SRF about her choice: “It worked. I was a candidate and now I’m elected.” It was a very emotional day for her because she now really realized that she was a National Councilor, said Rivaz.

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