Investigations against the environment: Operation Maradona human trafficking?

Investigations against the environment
Operation Maradona Human Trafficking?

In 2001, the then 41-year-old Diego Maradona had his underage girlfriend Mavys Álvarez flown to Argentina. The Cuban woman is now testifying in court against ombudsmen of the deceased soccer star that she was locked up and forced to consume drugs.

A few days before the first anniversary of the death of the Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, the investigations against former shop stewards of the world star for human trafficking are underway. The alleged victim Mavys Álvarez made his testimony in a court in Buenos Aires, as reported by local media.

Mavys Álvarez testified in court today.

(Photo: REUTERS)

Maradona had met Álvarez as a minor in Cuba and had an affair with her. In 2001, men from the football star’s environment brought the then 16-year-old Cuban to Argentina for several weeks. At that time she was only allowed to leave her hotel room in the company of confidants of Maradona, she let her lawyers inform. She was also pressured into breast augmentation and drug use.

Maradona died of a heart attack on November 25th last year in a private residential complex north of Buenos Aires. He had been released from the hospital two weeks earlier, where he had undergone brain surgery. According to the public prosecutor’s office, serious mistakes were made in caring for the former world star. His personal doctor, his psychiatrist and several nurses are investigated for manslaughter. In addition, Maradona’s daughters, former companions and his former lawyer repeatedly cover each other with serious accusations. The soccer star had repeatedly been addicted to drugs throughout his life.

About a year after Maradona’s death, the cultic veneration of the former soccer player is unbroken and the Argentine government declared the birthplace of the soccer star a national memorial. The relevant decree was published in the Official Journal. The simple house is located in the poor district of Villa Fiorito south of Buenos Aires. Maradona spent the first years of his life there. Today a mural with the portrait of Maradona adorns the facade of the house.

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