Investigations underway – man with weapon discovered: Phantom now identified

Sensational police operation on Wednesday evening in the middle of Innsbruck! Because a man was spotted with a weapon, the Cobra special unit was deployed around 8 p.m. But no one was found. The suspect is said to be an Iraqi (18). But so far there is no trace of him.

Shortly before 8 p.m., passers-by spotted a man with a gun in the Tyrolean state capital and raised the alarm. Several patrols, including the Cobra special task force and the Rapid Intervention Group, moved out and searched the area around the market square. A search was underway for an initially unknown man who, according to police, had been carrying a weapon in a bar in Innsbruck a few days ago. The market square was surrounded and the old town garage was sealed off. Checks were also carried out in the market hall garage. “But no one could be found there,” the executive said. No one was injured or threatened. However, following further investigations, the police were able to identify an 18-year-old Iraqi as a suspect. “A subsequent search in the city of Innsbruck has so far been negative,” said the officials. No one was injured or threatened. Further investigations are ongoing.
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