Investigators suspect client: Parisian Star of David graffiti ordered abroad

Investigators suspect the client
Parisian Star of David graffiti ordered abroad

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Following Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, anti-Semitic graffiti has increasingly appeared in the greater Paris area. The investigators are now following a trail that leads to Eastern Europe. Apparently there is a foreign client.

According to investigators, dozens of Star of David graffiti that appeared on buildings in Paris at the end of October could have been sprayed at the “express request” of someone from abroad. Prosecutor Laure Beccuau said in the evening that an investigating judge will now examine what was intended by the action.

According to Beccuau, around 60 Star of David graffiti were discovered on buildings in Paris and more in locations around the French capital on the morning of October 31st. Video footage showed that the graffiti was made by a woman and a man. A third person photographed the event. The two sprayers then left French territory.

However, according to Beccuau, a connection could be made to similar graffiti that led to the arrest of two Moldovans in Paris on October 27th. They declared that they had acted “on behalf of a third person for a fee”. Reviews of telephone communications revealed that the two detainees were “in contact with the same third person” as the two responsible for the later graffiti.

Investigations in a geopolitical context

“At this point in time, it cannot be ruled out that the daubing of the Stars of David was carried out at the express request of a person living abroad,” explained Beccuau. It is necessary to determine the “anti-Semitic character” of the perpetrators’ intentions, “particularly given the geopolitical context and its impact in France.”

Since the war between Israel and the radical Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas began in the Gaza Strip a month ago, the number of anti-Semitic or Islamist incidents in France has increased significantly. For some, the Star of David graffiti brought back memories of the Nazi occupation of Paris in World War II and the deportation of Paris’s Jews to concentration camps. The graffiti was condemned across the French political spectrum.

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