Investment app yukii issues community tokens for alternative assets

The platform for alternative assets wants to turn the investment landscape upside down in favor of small investors.

The investment platform has set itself the goal of opening up private funds, which are dominated by institutional investors, to smaller investors by issuing community tokens. With the mobile app, users can invest in various funds from 100 euros. Crypto portfolios that contain stablecoins as well as staking or liquidity pools and other cryptocurrencies are also available.

Kilian Peter Krings, co-founder of yukii, told BTC-ECHO that it was primarily important for the company to provide everyone with access to such assets, “since more and more people are now making private provisions for their old age”. He also explained what circumstances have contributed to alternative assets becoming more important:

… In addition, factors such as the current interest rate environment, inflation and the pension system, which is becoming more and more unstable due to demographic change, mean that private investors are increasingly focusing on investing, especially when it comes to private retirement provision. That is why we want to help these people to diversify their portfolios more broadly through alternative assets and to generate a higher return through the high profitability of the assets.

Kilian Peter Krings, co-founder of yukii opposite BTC-ECHO

In order to turn the investment landscape inside out in favor of private investors, yukii is issuing Community Tokens (YCT). These are tied to the various assets and enable small investors to make an investment from a small amount. The company describes itself as a “one stop shop” that aims to make it easier for people to get started with alternative assets.

While the platform relies on the Polygon Blockchain, the tokens are based on the Binance Smart Chain. With a maximum issue amount of a total of 13.6 million coins, the price is currently 0.147 US dollars. The investment app allows a certain degree of interoperability between various trading venues. Accordingly, the in-house tokens (YCT) can be used on the DeFi Exchange platform PancakeSwap be traded for other assets.

However, according to the co-founder, it should not stop there. He told BTC-ECHO that yukii “wants to be listed on other exchanges over time”. Names of potential trading venues where the token could be available in the future were not mentioned. However, the company allowed a brief glimpse into the future: “… in order to offer less crypto / DeFi-affine users access to trading our tokens, we will also list our tokens on central stock exchanges,” said the co-founder.

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