Investors get the technology to defend themselves against the whales

In the highly volatile crypto market, seconds can make the difference between profit and loss. With the ProfitFarmers dashboard, investors will no longer miss any trading signals in the future.

A profitable trader being really is just a matter of Efficiency. The right timing plays an important role in this. Can you skim profits from the wallets of the big crypto whales before they push you out of your position and leave you sitting on your coins?

The answer is: yes you can. You can and should do that.

In the same way that a farmer uses machines to do more with less time and effort, the Signal copy trading technology of ProfitFarmers to make more efficient and profitable trades without having to worry about charts completely disoriented.

But before we get to signal copy trading …

Do you fall into these three common traps when trading crypto?

In order to survive in the market in the long term and be able to make profit, you should first examine which mistakes you are making so that you know what you have to change in order to fix things!

  1. Kill time: Hours of research on coins without the guarantee that you are correct can be costly for you and your wallet. Once you have spent time, you cannot get it back.
  2. Be emotional: If you catch yourself checking the price charts all the time, be warned: Revenge trading, FOMO (fear of missing out) and the gambler’s misconception threaten to consume you and your winnings.
  3. Not be adequately prepared: “Whales” and “Market Makers” have the means to swallow you skin and hair. If you make trades without knowing what is going on, you will be ground up and spat out and left with a worthless bag of coins.

Do you find yourself making these costly mistakes? If your answer is yes, pat yourself on the back for admitting that you are not a perfect trader – not everyone can get over their ego (another costly mistake!). Read on to learn how you can solve these problems by taking advantage of ProfitFarmers technology.

How ProfitFarmers makes it easier to profit from cryptocurrencies

ProfitFarmers is to a trader what a bicycle is to someone who walks. It’s just a more efficient, faster, and easier way to get from point A to point B. You probably wouldn’t walk for hours if you could just cycle. So why not do the same on your trading journey?

1. Immediately find trading ideas with a high probability: Trading signals

It is no longer necessary to ponder for a long time what is profitable, to evaluate fundamentals for hours and to follow the price development of countless coins. Instead, just go to your dashboard and use the trading signals shown, the one historic win rate of 78 percent exhibit.

If you’d like to try a few signals for free, you should Join ProfitFarmers’ Telegram channel. There you will receive signals for the futures and spot markets on, so that regardless of your trading style, a trade with a high probability is always waiting for you!

2. Saves time and emotional stress: copy trading

It’s time to stop looking at the charts all the time, which leads to these costly emotional mistakes! Simply copy and edit each of the signals to set up your entire trading plan from entry to exit via the exchange.

Trade with the efficiency of an ice-cold robot and break away from this emotional roller coaster ride that robs you with every turn. Let ProfitFarmers look at the charts, track prices and execute your full trading plan. Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit!

3. Beat the Market and Embarrass the Whales: Access to Expert Insights

Don’t act like a blind fool, as ProfitFarmers offers exclusive market updates to help you decide which trade types, coins, and even long-term strategies are best to stay profitable in this volatile market.

You can even get some of this actionable market intelligence 100 percent for free by following the Join ProfitFarmers’ Telegram channel. The platform also offers a completely free one Educational academy with lots of videos and instructions to keep you well informed about the tools and functions of the platform.

How ProfitFarmers keeps your trading capital safe

ProfitFarmers is not an exchange, and all trades made through ProfitFarmers are done directly on via an API integration so that ProfitFarmers can place trade orders for you. This also makes it impossible for Profi tFarmers to charge you commissions or fees for your trades. So you keep 100% control of your trading capital through your account.

So is this a trader’s paradise?

The ProfitFarmers platform offers a trading experience that is like switching from a black and white television with just four programs to a high resolution LCD display with hundreds of channels on demand.

There are hundreds of signals every month so you can focus your time on trading instead of researching coins or just tracking a few coins. After all, trading is what makes money.

View of the ProfitFarmers dashboard with current trades

But you can choose the “programs” that you are most interested in. The signals appear based on one of many underlying strategies, so you can focus on opportunities that suit your trading style.

Do you like quick trades and multiplied profits?

If you leveraged futures trades, then ProfitFarmers could be your very own “scalper” paradise. ProfitFarmers’ fast-paced strategies are designed so that you can get in and out of highly probable trade setups quickly (usually with 5-50% profit within hours!), And the copy trade function makes everything extreme efficient.

Imagine you can create five trading plans including Entry, Stop Loss, Take Profit and Leverage in just one minute! Now you won’t miss a killer trade again!

There is simply no way a trader can maintain this level of speed and performance without the help of technology.

The free start with ProfitFarmers: The Moon Bag Kit

ProfitFarmers is giving away a selection of premium signals, time-saving tools and market updates 100 percent free of charge with its Moon bag kit. However, if you’d rather jump straight to the wins and get some of the signals with a historic 78 percent win rate, then this is where you should go free Telegram channel Join from ProfitFarmers. ProfitFarmers is giving away a selection of premium signals, time-saving tools and market updates, 100 percent free of charge in the so-called Moon bag kit. However, if customers prefer to jump straight into the profits and receive some of their signals with a historic win rate of 78 percent, you can also use ProfitFarmers’ free Telegram channel join here.

Hyper efficiency: the secret to more profitability

ProfitFarmers enables you to become a hyper-efficient trader by delivering highly likely trading plans, taking your emotions out of the equation, and providing access to expert opinions – all from one easy-to-understand dashboard.

It is the combination of cutting edge technology and expert training that will help you navigate the biggest traps in crypto trading that typically ruin 90% of all traders.

There is only one question left: are you still staying in the middle ages of crypto trading? Or do you jump into the future and trade the modern way by you Joins ProfitFarmers today?


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