Invibes: doubling of turnover, entirely organic

( — In 2021, Invibes Advertising recorded a doubling, entirely organically, of its turnover compared to 2020, to 23.3 ME, a performance higher than the target of 22 ME that the group anticipated for exercise. Invibes Advertising achieved strong growth in the 4th quarter in all existing countries (France, Spain, Switzerland and ML2Grow) and in the scale-up phase (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium) which all exceeded the objectives set. ‘they had settled on the last quarter of the year.

Although already posting high performances, the existing countries, like the countries in the scale-up phase, still harbor a significant reservoir of growth which will continue to make a strong contribution to the Group’s overall growth. In addition, the new countries opened at the end of 2021 (Netherlands, Nordics, South Africa and UAE), currently in the start-up phase, have teams now formed, strong in talents recruited in recent months. across Europe and mobilized to also contribute to growth from 2022.

Achievement of positive profitability expected in 2021

Beyond this strong growth, the development of Invibes Advertising is also based on rigorous management of its cost structure. This ability to control its costs has been further strengthened, backed by the experience of successfully launching its activity in more than 10 countries, allowing the company to accurately model the ROI of a new country, so that it becomes contributory after a few months. This increased visibility of its model allows it to be confident of achieving positive EBITDA for the 2021 financial year.


Over the next few years, Invibes Advertising intends to continue strong growth driven by a digital advertising sector boosted by the rise of digitalization in all business sectors.

Invibes Advertising’s growth strategy revolves around 6 major strategic levers: Acceleration of existing countries; The opening of new countries; The strengthening of its technological platform; The deployment of technological services for its strategic customers; The launch of a 100% self-service platform dedicated to SMEs; The development of its subsidiary ML2Grow specializing in business services for Big Data and artificial intelligence projects.

This offensive strategy should allow Invibes Advertising to reach a turnover of 100 ME by 2024, representing a weighted average annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2020 and 2024 of around +72%. If this growth should be achieved for a significant part by organic growth, it could also include a part by external growth.

Next publication: 2021 annual results, March 22, 2022, after market close.

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