Invisible decorations on Warzone are driving players crazy

Just as Warzone players thought they were done with texture issues, invisible backdrops started appearing in the battle royale, wreaking more havoc than ever.

With cheaters still present and the incessant arrival of particularly frustrating bugs, not to mention the multiple stability problems, the situation on Warzone is far from improving despite the multiple fixes deployed by the developers.

After the return of the buy station bug, the return of the invincibility hack, or the Kar98k bug, Warzone players are now suffering from texture problems that cause invisible backgrounds to appear.


The list of Warzone bugs keeps growing.

For the past few days, testimonies have been multiplying on Reddit, with many players dying in a very sad way when they thought they were covered.

Invisible scenery wreaks havoc on Warzone

With Warzone players already on edge over the dire state of the battle royale, a post on Reddit has added fuel to the fire.

In the clip we can see a player taking cover to avoid shots from an opposing player, or so he thought. While hiding behind a structure, probably thinking about how to get out of this situation, he ended up getting knocked out.

At the time he thought he was dealing with a cheater, and given the omnipresence of cheaters on Warzone we can hardly blame him, but by viewing the killcam it turned out that the structure behind which he was hiding did not exist. For his adversary he was completely exposed, which made him a target of choice.

In the comments, other players have shared similar mishaps, while others are sorry for the situation which continues to worsen.

“Sometimes you just have to laugh, say ‘what the fuck game’ and move on“, said a player.

As Warzone players are starting to have more than enough, it’s just a matter of hope that the developers manage to get things right when Season 2 rolls out.

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