Invisible French: The nail trend cannot be overlooked in 2024

Classic French, Micro French, Deconstructed French… One would almost think that French Nails had completely run through their versatile program and disappeared from the trend lists. But the news at the beginning of the year: They don’t, just their great contrast at the fingertips. “Invisible French” is the keyword of the moment and takes the most popular nail design among nail stylists and celebrities to the next level. Because the design is much more impressive than the name suggests. Even though the finish literally blends invisibly into the nail, this trendy manicure can definitely no longer be overlooked. So right at the beginning of 2024 it’s back to the sidelines, ladies. Any examples?

A nail trend that impresses with (almost) invisible elegance

How the beauty trend will shape up in 2024 is anyone’s guess – in the truest sense. The separation between the nail bed and the nail tips is not – unlike the classic French manicure – clearly demarcated by white on rosé, but is barely visible and fits into the nail bed only through a narrow border. This trend is not about the color, at least not primarily, but about the area that is largely left out. Instead of “painted in” French, this part is just drawn as a delicate border around the tip of the nail and the beginning of the natural nail white. A kind of negative space is created and the French remains in the original nail polish color and is almost invisible.

Invisible French: This is how the trend design works

The founder of the trend, Tom Kaschik, and star nail artist Harriet Westmoreland demonstrate how this can be achieved. A soft tone is chosen for the nail plate. Milky pink, white or cream are particularly suitable here. Any other tone can be used to differentiate the color of the tip, also known as the tip – the main thing is that it stands out easily. It is suitable for everyday use in classic white, modern in bright colors such as pink or glitter. A thin extra brush ensures that the contours remain thin and visually flow into the base color, while you simply follow the natural position of the light nail area when creating the border.

Want even more naturalness? With the Veriante the design becomes even more subtle

To make the manicure even more subtle, you can also incorporate the French part with a clear nail tip. To do this, choose a rosé-colored background, which is then finished with clear varnish or a similar, slightly lighter color. Even in a two-tone beige combination – darker at the bottom, lighter at the top – the look of the nail looks elegant and subtle.


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