iOS 16 delayed: Apple needs more time for the iPhone update

If you want to get your hands on a first test version of iOS 16 this year, you may have to wait longer. Apple needs more time to be able to provide the upcoming iPhone update as a public beta version. But how long do we have to wait?

Apple will show us a first version of iOS 16 on Monday, June 6th as part of the keynote speech at WWDC (Apple’s developer conference). But if you want to test the next major iPhone update personally, you’ll have to be patient this year.

iOS 16: iPhone update public beta may come later

According to a recent announcement, participants in the public beta program will not considered together with beta 2 of the new system as before, but should only be granted access with beta 3. Appropriate information is available from Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. Specifically, he writes in his tweet (translated):

β€œThe first public beta of iOS 16 is planned for July, along with the iOS 16 developer beta 3. The first iOS public betas are usually released alongside Beta 2. That means the public beta might be lagging behind. The current internal versions are a bit buggy. Things are still ongoing and could still change.” Source: Mark Gurman

So it’s quite possible that the exclusive phase for paying developers will last longer this year and that Apple is reluctant to release a much too vulnerable version to public testers. If one follows the publications of the last years, then the public beta of iOS 16 could only be available in mid-July and not at the end of June – a delay of approximately two weeks.

A new iPhone should not be expected in June, Apple recently gave the current iPhone 13 new colors:

No threat to the release plan

Despite this possible delay, in our opinion nothing should change in the general release plan. After all, there is still plenty of time until September in which Apple can catch up properly. In general, it’s probably a good idea to release a more mature version to the public testers. Quite a few of them install the beta on their normal everyday iPhones. Something that is better not to do, but which is nevertheless enjoyed.

Little is currently known about iOS 16 itself. Earlier, rumors about interactive widgets on the home screen made the rounds. We will find out in less than three weeks whether these will apply in the end. As usual, Apple will livestream the keynote worldwide – So mark the evening of June 6th in your calendar.

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