iPhone 14: Cell phone is easier to repair, but you only benefit to a limited extent


The inner workings of the iPhone 14 have been redesigned. According to the experts at iFixit, this should make the Apple cell phone easier to repair. However, you currently only benefit to a limited extent.

Apple has redesigned the inner workings of the iPhone 14. (Source: iFixit)

  • According to iFixit, the iPhone 14 has a new interior.
  • This makes it easier to repair the smartphone.
  • However, most repairs are not cheaper as a result.

The experts at the US repair service iFixit have disassembled the iPhone 14 into its individual parts. The so-called teardown reveals a big surprise: Apple has completely redesigned the inner workings.

The display and glass back are now easier to access and can therefore be replaced more quickly. To open the case, for example, it is enough to loosen two screws, according to a blog post by iFixit.

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In terms of repairability, these and other changes have given the phone a seven out of ten point on the iFixit scale for the first time since the iPhone 7. However, this only applies to the iPhone 14. The model variants Pro and Pro Max still have the old structure, explains the repair service.

Apple increases repair prices

The changes are not accompanied by a reduction in repair costs – at least if you send your cell phone to Apple, you usually pay more compared to the previous generation, as the following table shows:

display damagebattery replacementcamera defectback
iPhone 14 Pro Max488.99 euros119 euros259 euros668.99 euros
iPhone 14 Pro405 euros119 euros259 euros599 euros
iPhone 14Plus405 euros119 euros199 euros229 euros
iPhone 14339 euros119 euros199 euros199 euros
iPhone 13 Pro Max405 euros74.99 euros229 euros249.90 euros*
iPhone 13 Pro339 euros74.99 euros229 euros239.90 euros*
iPhone 13339 euros74.99 euros199 euros239.90 euros*
iPhone 13 mini279 euros74.99 euros199 euros229.90 euros*
* Apple no longer mentions prices for this on its homepage. They were therefore determined via third-party providers.

Compare iPhone repair prices

The display repair, for example, costs a whopping 60 euros more. Changing the battery costs 45 euros. Only the replacement of the back is cheaper than before.

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