iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: Apple would like to integrate two punches in the screen

A credible leak confirms the design with two hallmarks for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Both would be visible. One of these punches will be elongated, like the pill on the front of the Galaxy S10+, Mate 40 Pro or Honor 50 Pro. The presence of two punches would confirm that Apple keeps Face ID for the biometric security of these phones. Touch ID under the screen would therefore not be planned in 2022.

Here is what the replacement of the notch by two holes could give. Credit: Ian Zelbo

The next iPhones are the subject of numerous leaks at the start of 2022. In particular the Pro range. This week, we relayed several rumors about prices, photographic equipment and screen design of its terminals. First of all, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro would be higher than that of the iPhone 13 Pro. Bad news for our wallet. Then, the Pro range would benefit this year from a new 48-megapixel photo sensor, a long-awaited change.

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Last recent rumor finally, a punch could appear at the top of the screen, replacing the notch. This elongated, pill-shaped punch like the Galaxy S10+, Mate 40 Pro or Honor 50 Pro. It would also be centered, at the current location of the notch for Face ID. This visual modification would only concern the models of the Pro range, once again. As for the other more classic models, they would retain the unloved notch introduced with the iPhone X.

Apple would integrate two punches in the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro

Ross Young, CEO of the consulting company DSCC and expert in technological indiscretion, posted the photo that you find below on his Twitter account. It represents the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. You see there a screen slab with not one, but two holes. And both would be visible. This means that neither will be covered by part of the screen (like the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s internal selfie sensor). The first punch would be circular. And the second punch would be lengthened, confirming the previous leak.

apple iphone 14 pro double punch screen

The presence of two hallmarks would obviously serve to integrate all the technical elements of Face ID. Recall that Apple’s facial recognition technology is made up of an infrared emitter, a projector and an infrared camera. They come in addition to the Facetime camera (selfie sensor). One of the punches would be used to host Facetime, while the other would integrate the elements of Face ID impossible to hide under the screen.

Finally, Ross Young, in response to his message, also confirms that Touch ID won’t be back this year in high-end terminals. You can find the fingerprint reader in the next iPhone SE expected in spring 2022.

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