iPhone 14: Significant disadvantage of the professional model revealed

The iPhone 14 Pro – technically top, but construction flop? (Image source: Unsplash)

Even if the iPhone 14 does not have many innovations at first glance, there is a small technical revolution hidden under the hood. However, Apple refuses to do this for the professional models. A major disadvantage in the worst case.


Oh ha: iPhone 14 is easier to repair than an iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

Technically and optically, the iPhone 14 is only conditionally new, even connoisseurs have to look very closely to spot differences. The biggest difference only becomes important when the Apple cell phone needs to be repaired. This works much better than its predecessor. The iPhone 14 has been optimized for ease of repair, the display and back are much easier to replace and the interior has been rearranged. Last time it was so easy to fix an iPhone many years ago. The iFixit experts then awarded a positive repair score – 7 out of 10 maximum points.

iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro? Models and differences at a glance:

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are completely different. This was also taken apart by iFixit and then literally torn apart. In contrast to the regular iPhone 14, the basic structure of the components has not changed. Although they are new, for example the A16 chip, the arrangement is still the same as that of the predecessor. The professional models are correspondingly more difficult to repair. In the end, it’s only enough for a repair score of 6 points (source: iFixit).

In short: Although the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max offer the more modern components, Apple still uses them according to the old scheme. On the other hand, the revolutionary design of the regular iPhone 14 is not visible from the outside, but it really pays off when the worst comes to the worst.

Preview of the future iPhone 15 Pro

Our assumption: Apple also has to make compromises. An internal redesign of both model series was and is certainly being considered. Probably due to time and resource constraints, the manufacturer initially decided to redesign the regular model accordingly. Any bet: The iPhone 15 Pro (Max) will follow next year and will be just as easy to repair.

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