iPhone 15: YouTuber unpacks dummy, he bursts out laughing at this detail


The iPhone 15 can already be seen as a dummy on YouTube. The unboxing is staged dramatically. Then there is laughter. The reason: a mysterious “instruction leaflet”.

Hilsenteger has to laugh hard at that. The iPhone 15 dummy comes with a manual for a can opener. (Source: Screenshot YouTube/UnboxTherapy)

Apple will probably not unveil the iPhone 15 until September, but fans can already get a first glimpse of the new phone from Cupertino on YouTube. The well-known YouTuber Lewis George Hilsenteger has published a video on his channel “Unbox Therapy” in which he unpacks a dummy of the upcoming iPhone and compares it with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Hardly any differences can be seen at first glance

Of course, the dummy model does not come from Apple, but from China. There it serves as a template for testing accessories such as protective covers and was manufactured according to the current status of the rumors about the next Apple cell phone. At first glance, there are hardly any differences to the predecessor, they are in the details.

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A USB C instead of a Lightning port is installed in the dummy. The mute switch has become a button. The display edges are smaller than on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Overall, the cell phone is also narrower and, according to Hilsenteger, should be more comfortable in the hand. Provided the rumors on which the dummy happens turn out to be true.

Despite the few serious differences, Hilsenteger analyzes the dummy down to the last detail. The clip lasts 22 minutes and has already garnered over a million views within a day. There is a strange moment right at the beginning. The YouTuber unpacks the iPhone dummy to dramatic music and suddenly bursts out laughing. The reason: the device comes with the operating instructions for a mysterious device. According to the drawing on this one, it could be a can opener.

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