iPhone: Technicians publish nude photos of customers

Outrageous action
iPhone technicians publish naked pictures of customers

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A woman brings her iPhone for repair. A short time later, she discovered nude pictures and a sex tape of herself – on her own Facebook channel!

What do you do when the iPhone is broken? Battery strikes, display down, problems with the reaction speed … Sure, it can be repaired. Actually a pretty harmless thing, one would guess. A student from the USA probably did not expect that this would lead to the greatest embarrassment of her life.

And suddenly there were intimate files on the network

What happened? Two technicians from Apple contractor Pegatron thought: Oh, it would be fun if we put the private nude pictures and the sex video that the customer saved on her cell phone online. And that’s not all. It also had to be the student’s private Facebook account so that the spicy files would mainly be seen by friends and acquaintances, who might assume that the customer herself had loaded the material into the timeline. A disaster for the young woman! She didn’t even notice the incident herself – friends made her aware that something could not be right there.

Million in compensation for female student

The student took Apple to court and demanded five million euros in compensation. According to the newspaper “The Telegraph”, which has court records, a settlement was reached at this trial. The exact amount the student received is not known. The required five million, however, is likely to be several million.

What happened to the technicians?

They were terminated immediately. Apple told the Telegraph: “When we heard about this egregious violation of our guidelines at one of our suppliers in 2016, we took immediate action and have since strengthened our supplier protocols.”

The incident occurred in 2016, but only now came to the public because Apple had filed a lawsuit against Pegatron. The student had not said anything about her story for a long time, because in the course of the settlement with Apple it was agreed that none of it would leak to the public.

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