Ipsos: Amiral Gestion proposes the appointment of an independent director to the Board of Directors

( — Amiral Gestion, shareholder of the company since 2017 Ipsosparticipated with four other management companies in the filing of a resolution to appoint a new independent director, Mr. Hubert Mathet, at the General Meeting to be held on May 17, 2022.
Amiral Gestion welcomes the improvement in the company’s economic and extra-financial performance in recent years and supports the strategy deployed by Ipsos management and teams under the leadership of the Board of Directors. Amiral Gestion’s approach is part of a desire to strengthen the governance of the company, and will benefit all the group’s stakeholders with a view to aligning interests.

Amiral Gestion would like to remind you that:
-All shareholders, including small minority shareholders, have the right to table and submit to the vote of shareholders a resolution at the General Meeting of a company, this is not an exclusive prerogative of the board of directors. It is also a healthy and virtuous practice and a fundamental right of shareholders.

-In this case, the appointment of Hubert Mathet would strengthen the independence of the Board of Directors with a member who does not hold any other office in other companies, allowing him to devote the time necessary to his mission. It would also make it possible to strengthen the expertise of the board of directors thanks to Hubert Mathet’s knowledge of finance and governance, as he was able to demonstrate during missions with local organisations.


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