Iranian regime ‘sinks into denial and conspiratorial rhetoric’

European Affairs Minister Laurence Boone (right). LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

French Minister for European Affairs Laurence Boone said on Wednesday that the Iranian regime was sinking “in denial, conspiratorial rhetoric” after the sanctions taken by Tehran against Europeans. These penalties “Participate in the same blindness with which the Iranian regime locks itself in denial, in conspiratorial rhetoric, and pursues a scandalous policy of hostage to the state”, declared Laurence Boone in front of the senators.

78 individuals targeted

Iran adopted sanctions last Wednesday against 25 individuals and entities from the European Union, including the mayor of Paris, and nine from the United Kingdom, in retaliation for the retaliatory measures imposed by the latter. “The sanctions taken by the Iranians obviously have no possible comparison with the sanctions taken by the EU”launched Laurence Boone.

The European Union has adopted four sets of sanctions against the Islamic Republic, aimed at “78 individuals and 27 entities”, recalled Laurence Boone. These measures are aimed in particular at those responsible for the repression in Iran, where a protest movement that erupted after the death in September of a young Iranian Kurd arrested by the morality police is repressed in blood.

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