Ireland Baldwin: Face smeared with blood while babysitting

Ireland Baldwin
Blood smeared face while babysitting

Ireland Baldwin at an event in 2019

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Ireland Baldwin shocks her fans and followers on Instagram with a bloody selfie. Apparently she injured herself while babysitting.

Actress Ireland Baldwin (25) has an extraordinary babysitting experience. She posted a terrifying photo from her bloodied face on Instagram after taking care of two children.

In the photo, fresh blood is apparently running out of the model’s nostril, which is also smeared on her hand and face. The 25-year-old wrote: “Today I took care of two seven-year-old boys for 45 minutes and it went like this …” Jokingly, she added the hashtag “#birthcontrol” to the bloody post.

Baldwin did not reveal what exactly had happened, however. When asked “What the hell ????” the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin (63, “30 Rock”) and Kim Basinger (67) wrote only “Jungs” to one user. Her uncle, Billy Baldwin, 58, commented on his niece’s photo: “When I grew up with your father and uncles, we called them … Tuesdays.” Ireland Baldwin responded with an “Oh, dear God”.