Irina hose: guest appearance on “Everything that counts”

Irina hose
Guest appearance on “Everything That Counts”

Irina hose takes on a role in “Everything that counts”.

© RTL/Julia Feldhagen

She became known as “Princess Charming” on the dating show of the same name. Now Irina hose gets a guest role in “Everything that counts”.

Through her search for happiness in love on the dating show “Princess Charming”, Irina hose became known to an audience of millions. Now she delights her fans with a guest appearance in the RTL Daily “Everything that counts”.

Love drama about the beautiful ice queen

As the broadcaster announces, she will embody a good friend of Ava Grothe (Laura Egger), who works as an assistant coach for the Steinkamp ice skating squad. During a visit to Essen, she finds that Ava apparently has her eye on the beautiful ice princess Chiara Nadolny (Alexandra Fonsatti).

It is not the first time for Irina hose that she is in front of the camera as an actress. Already in 2022 she was seen in a guest role at “SOKO Stuttgart”. Accordingly, Fonsatti was enthusiastic about hose’s professional commitment. “Shooting with Irina was super fun and we had a lot of fun together,” she says. “She did a great job and I really like the storyline.”

“Totally important to also show lesbian storylines in series”

Irina hose also seems to have enjoyed the guest appearance a lot. “I think it’s really important to also show lesbian storylines in series, because that reflects the reality of life for many people in our society – just like mine,” she says. Such stories are particularly important for young women in their sexual orientation phase: “They can find themselves in the characters and stories and are encouraged to stand by themselves and their sexual orientation.”

You can see “Princess Charming” on “Everything that counts” from episode 4.213 on June 14 at 7:05 p.m. on RTL (also on RTL +).


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