Iris Klein: First words! Personal message after hospitalization

Iris Klein
First Words! Personal message after hospitalization

Iris Klein

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After Iris Klein was taken to a clinic on February 2, 2023, she now speaks with moving lines on Instagram and explains to her fans what her next few days will look like.

The stranger drama about Peter and Iris Klein, 55, does not seem to be over yet: after Daniela Katzenberger’s mother, 36, was determined to file for divorce, she was hospitalized. She has since released herself and is on her way to Mallorca to talk things out with her allegedly unfaithful husband. The 55-year-old tells her fans seriously via Instagram.

Iris Klein: “Maybe I’ll be able to forgive at some point, but I can’t forget it”

“Life will go on and I have to manage it somehow. Thanks to all the lovely people out there who give me strength to get back on my feet [sic]”Iris writes about a selfie from happy times. She further explains: “I discharged myself from the hospital and will soon be flying back to the island because there is still a lot to be clarified. Maybe someday I’ll be able to forgive, but I can’t forget.”

A few hours earlier, her management confirmed to RTL that Iris wanted to meet Peter Klein for a discussion. “They want to clarify their affairs,” it said.

Rumors of strangers about Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke

A few days ago, Iris Klein accused husband Peter of cheating on her during his stay in Australia with Yvonne Woelke, 41, jungle camp companion of Djamila Rowe, 55. Peter Klein denies the allegations, but various recordings speak a different language and only fuel the rumor mill even more. For Iris, it was quickly certain that her marriage was over: “I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to get a divorce because I no longer want to live with my lying husband.” Will she stick to this decision after her debate?

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