Iris Klein reveals the reason for her cosmetic surgery

Iris Klein
After a facelift: she reveals the reason for her beauty operation

Iris Klein


Iris Klein underwent cosmetic surgery in mid-November. She had her face tightened – daughter Daniela already posted the result on Instagram, but Iris is only now revealing the reason for the facelift.

Iris Klein, 54, wasn’t in the mood for botox and hyaluronic acid. Instead, the mother of Daniela Katzenberger, 35, made short work of it in mid-November and underwent a facelift. According to the Ludwigshafener, it was the first beauty procedure for her.

Iris Klein: She is satisfied with the result

Iris Klein is more than satisfied with the result, her daughter Daniela has already posted a before-and-after photo that makes the comparison clear: her face is noticeably tighter, her cheeks are much narrower. Now the 54-year-old reveals the reason for this operation in a question and answer session on Instagram.

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“Everyone thought I looked angry”

“Because the corners of my mouth laughed downward and everyone thought I looked angry,” the 54-year-old told her around 206,000 followers. She also never liked her hanging cheeks and wanted to remedy the situation. “It takes six months to heal, however,” admitted Jenny Frankhauser’s mother, 29, afterwards.

Positive feedback from your community

And her fans? They are already very satisfied with the result of Iris Klein’s beauty operation. A user: in writes: “I think you look great … and not too exaggerated. Exactly right”. TV fame does not indicate whether Iris Klein can imagine further cosmetic operations. However, the mother of two daughters has a beauty goal for 2022, as emerges from the question and answer session.

This is what Iris Klein has planned for the new year

When a fan asked what Iris Klein had planned for the new year, she wrote: “I really want to do a fasting cure / detox with my daughters.” She cheekily adjourns her daughters and asks: “Are you there?” So it will remain exciting at Klein in the new year as well.

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