Iris Mareike Steen: The GZSZ star reveals surprising plans for the future

Iris Mareike Steen has been part of the GZSZ cast for over a decade. A time in which not only her role has changed a lot, but also the actress herself. In the GALA interview, she revealed what plans she has for the future and whether Berlin will remain her adopted home forever.

Iris Mareike Steen can look back on an impressive career at the age of 29. In December 2010 the sympathetic actress was seen for the first time in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” in her role as “Lilly Seefeld”. A lot has happened since then – not just in front of, but also behind the camera.

Iris Mareike Steen: “I would never have thought that I would stay with GZSZ for so long”

Iris Mareike Steen is now happily married. After a few years of long-distance relationship, her partner also moved to the capital to live with her. However, the couple are not planning to stay there forever. How the 29-year-old imagines her future and how she looks back on the past eleven years at GZSZ, she explained to GALA.

Gala: In December it was a full eleven years since the first episode with you was shown on GZSZ. Do you still remember the scene? How did you feel back then?

Iris Mareike Steen: Yes, I still remember my first scene well. I didn’t have that much text, so it was a very relaxed start. In addition, I was received incredibly warm-hearted and immediately got on with everyone – a nice feeling.

To what extent has not only your role changed in these years, but above all has you changed?

In a certain way, I grew up with my role – we’re only two years apart. The big constant that I had from the start was my husband, who was still my friend at the time and lived in our home town of Hamburg. We are now married and incredibly happy that the years of long-distance relationships are long gone. Both my role and I were rather insecure and shy as very young people. Both Lilly and I have definitely managed to go through life more confidently and openly.

If you could give Iris Mareike Steen a tip eleven years ago, what would it be?

“It’s great to spend a lot of time with friends and family, but also make sure to date yourself so you can keep your reserves” – something I’ve been doing for a short time; but it certainly wouldn’t have hurt to start earlier.

What aspect of your life would you have thought impossible a decade ago and why?

I never would have thought that I would stay with GZSZ for so long. At that time, eleven years was an unimaginably long time for me. I had completely different plans, but I am extremely grateful that everything turned out like this.

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You will certainly learn a lot not only from your job, but also from your colleagues. To what extent does the GZSZ cast shape you outside of the set?

A lot of the self-confidence that I have “acquired” over the years, I have “copied” from colleagues. At first I was full of admiration at how confident many of us are in certain situations in which I mutated a little into a shy little mouse. I was really taken by the hand by many and I am very grateful that it also had an effect. In the meantime, as far as our cast is concerned, I’m just infinitely grateful that so many such deep friendships have developed that I would never want to be without.

You grew up in Hamburg. What do you miss about your home?

Most of all my family. But also the mentality, the dialect – which unfortunately I don’t speak at all – and the closeness to the water. Of course there is that in Berlin too, but somehow it’s different in Hamburg and the port always gives me a feeling of freedom that I don’t feel anywhere else in this form. I don’t miss the weather at all.

Is moving back an option for you? If so, under what circumstances?

Should I move again within Germany, Hamburg would definitely be the first choice. Of course, it would also be an advantage if at some point children came into play, to have the family around. But it is more likely that we will move further away if we move again.

You have already revealed that you and your husband want children. Would you then live closer to your hometown? Or are you rooted in Berlin by now?

In fact, it would be the only reason for us to consider moving home. We definitely don’t want to be tied to Berlin on a permanent basis. But at the moment there are no plans to stay in Germany forever at all, so there will probably not be any further moves within the country. But: never say never.

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