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Beauty queen one day, beauty queen always. Although she has been crowned Miss France for four years now, Iris Mittenaere still has a special place in the hearts of the French. With her long brown hair worthy of a mermaid and her ultrabright smile, the beautiful northerner continues to seduce her Instagram posts.

It must be said that at each of her posts, the young woman of 28 offers a parade of outfits all more trendy than each other. Top with puff sleeves, blazer dress and even high-waisted jeans, all must have of the spring-summer 2020 season can be found in her incredible dressing room. Even during the entire period of confinement, Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart had not succumbed to the charm of sagging clothing. When the Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2015 did not play the glamorous Italians on her balcony in a tight dress with polka dots, she appeared natural and sexy in mini-bra and mom jeans.

And with the deconfinement, Iris Mittenaere began a fashion marathon at two cents an hour. For a few days, Miss Universe 2016 drives internet users crazy with sexy and ultra-feminine outfits. For a shoot, on the banks of the Seine, Camille Cerf's sidekick turned into a shock modeuse. Always very attentive to the fashion pieces to adopt, Iris ignited the Web by revealing her bare chest under a flashy blazer jacket deliberately left open.

Iris Mittenaere sexy devil in flashy costume

Her embers look won't change anything. Difficult to look the right eye in the eyes with such an outfit. As a fashionista of her rank, Iris Mittenaere could not help falling for the very chic pantsuit. And not the least. To change from the classic black or striped outfit, the beauty queen opted for an ultra-flashy yellow pop model. The blazer jacket double-breasted slightly oversize and wide pants, the model suggests the lines of his slender figure.

If some fashionistas would take the plunge to slip a white shirt or a simple little top with thin straps under her costume, Iris Mittenaere decided quite differently. To confirm its status sexy girl, the beautiful girl from Lille has chosen to wear her over-vitaminized suit next to the skin. Which, from the scalloped neckline of her jacket, reveals the curve of her naked breasts.

With this new snapshot, both trendy and sexy, the host increased the blood pressure of her followers. Among the heart-shaped and flame-shaped emojis, some more flattering comments are lost. "Too beautiful", "Perfectly perfect", "Magnificent", even Nathalie Marquay Pernaut former Miss France 1987 went there with her note "Even in a trash bag you will remain beautiful." What can we add to this?

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