Irresistible with Camélia Jordana: this romantic comedy like no other will make you fall in love on Disney+

Available on Disney+, the series “Irrésistible”, with Camélia Jordana and Théo Navarro-Mussy, tells the story of the complicated love at first sight between a mathematician and a love-sick podcast creator. A stunning romantic comedy not to be missed.

What is it about ?

Adèle, creator of a successful podcast, has a mutual crush on Arthur, a mathematician. But as soon as she is in his presence, she is subject to violent panic attacks. She finds herself so capsized that she risks feeling unwell.

The diagnosis is beyond doubt: Adèle suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome, a direct consequence of her previous love affair, which ended painfully. Adèle then has no choice but to stay away from Arthur. But the attraction is too strong…

Irresistible, created by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat.

Available on Disney+ from September 20

Who is it with?

To play Adèle and Arthur, the two heroes of Irrésistible, Disney+ and the production have set their sights on the actress and singer Camélia Jordana (Le Brio, The things we say, the things we do), who thus wins his first leading role in a series, and Théo Navarro-Mussy, who played Igor in Hippocrates and who is currently starring in the film A Serious Job by Thomas Lilti.

Facing them, Corentin Fila (Mortel, Notre-Dame, la Part du Feu), in the role of Trésor, Adèle’s ex-boyfriend, Marion Seclin (Clem), Salomé Dewaels (L’Absente, Lost Illusions ), Simon Ehrlacher (Plus belle la vie), Zoé Schellenberg (My heroine), Zinedine Soualem (Détox, Vise le coeur), Alicia Hava (Mental) and Estelle Meyer (Christmas Flow) complete the cast of the series directed by Antony Cordier (episodes 1 to 3) and Laure de Butler (episodes 4 to 6).

It’s worth checking out ?

After Heart Plan and Christmas Flow on Netflix, it’s Disney+’s turn to launch into the French romantic comedy genre in series with Irresistiblethe six 30-minute episodes of which are available today on the platform.

Led by talented actors, like the star couple Camélia Jordana-Théo Navarro-Mussy, and imagined by screenwriter Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat, who directed the writing of season 2 of En Thérapie and wrote for series like Nona and her daughters, Tapie and Les Gouttes de Dieu, this rom-com centered on a lovesick heroine already had everything, on paper, to intrigue us and carry us away. And once the entire first season has been viewed, it is clear that the bet has fully paid off for Disney+.

Even if it is counterbalanced by the panic attacks pushed to the extreme which overwhelm Adèle, the heroine, each time she is in the presence of Arthur, the object of her affection, Irrésistible has the good idea of anchor its story and its characters in a realism and a universe more current than ever which does good and will speak to as many people as possible.

Whether it is through its representation of Paris, which prefers the 19th and 20th arrondissements rarely shown on screen in fiction to the ultra clichéd and touristy districts of Emily in Paris. Or by the strong themes that she addresses throughout the season, such as the trauma that a complicated past relationship or heartbreak can leave in someone, the fear of commitment in today’s couples , or the importance of the time necessary to learn about oneself and the other in a new romantic relationship.

And then there is also this professional universe in which Adèle evolves – the world of podcasts – and into which Arthur will also fall through a new idea for a show imagined by Adèle and her team: analyzing the stories of love through mathematics and science.


More fashionable than ever in fiction, podcasts were until now mainly a source of so-called “true crime” series, or those inspired by them such as Only Murders in the Building or Truth Be Told.

Here, they find another resonance and support the romantic, sociological and psychological purpose of this romantic comedy like no other which makes us laugh and dream. But not only that since it also offers us beautiful moments of emotion, like when a secondary character gives a strong and moving testimony in the last episode on the microphone of “La Maladie d’amour”, the show of Arthur and Adèle.

Modern and atypical, Irrésistible is a lovely feel good drama which owes a lot to its universe, its dialogues, and its fine and intelligent writing, which takes a different, refreshing and glamorous look at today’s love stories. ‘today. And which allows for surprising and profound side steps, like the sequence cited above, or episode 4, which takes us into Adèle’s family and dissects the marriage at the end of life of Arthur and his marries Solène.

As for Camélia Jordana and Théo Navarro-Mussy, very fair and moving, they form an endearing and realistic rom-com couple, the kind we would like to see more often. And they are very well surrounded, in particular by Corentin Fila, Marion Seclin, Salomé Dewaels and Alicia Hava who are doing well and are also making sparks. In short, for its first French romantic series, Disney+ has really found the recipe irresistible.

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