Is Betty alive in Plus belle la vie? We finally have the answer!

In “Plus belle la vie”, everyone thinks that Kilian killed Betty… except Thomas! He would have unearthed evidence that could advance the investigation as the truth about the young woman’s disappearance is finally exposed!

The adventures of the heroes of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle continue on TF1 (the soap opera is broadcast on the channel from Monday to Friday from 1:40 p.m.)… In a new extract daily fiction put online in advance by the channel, Thomas (Laurent Kérusoré) meets Ariane (Lola Marois) in relation to the Kilian (Tim Rousseau)/Betty (Horyba Bénabet) affair…

Thomas would have proof

In this new sequence from the episode of Thursday, May 16, the emblematic bartender of the Mistral district tells the police officer that he has in his possession evidence that could advance the investigation into the death of the young woman… and maybe get his brother exonerated!

Thomas is convinced that we see Betty in images where we see someone driving a utility vehicle. This would therefore prove that the latter is not dead! According to Ariane, however, this person that Gabriel’s husband (Joakim Latzco) is talking about could in this case also be Kilian…

Kilian in turmoil

But Thomas reminds Boher’s colleague (Stéphane Hénon) and Patrick (Jérôme Bertin) that Betty made a duplicate of the keys to this vehicle the day before her disappearance. Furthermore, Kilian claims to have seen his dear and tender wife again on the evening of May 8 when leaving the police station… Ariane then retorts that no other witness can unfortunately affirm this.

He insists, remembering that an individual broke into Karine’s house the other day and that they then wanted to kill him. For him, this is not a coincidence… and Ariane must admit that the unfolding of these events is disturbing and suspicious!

Furthermore, the knife and the traces of blood found are only part of a big set-up according to Thomas. To these words, Ariane does not respond… Her interlocutor knows very well that she doubts like him now. But how will they succeed in verifying this hypothesis which would change everything?

Betty is not dead!

At the end of this Thursday, May 16 installment of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, a twist occurs: Betty is indeed alive! While Kilian, at his wits’ end, confessed to the murder of his wife, the young girl reappears with her mother. She has been hiding her child under her roof for three weeks!

Betty admits to having wanted to scare Thomas the other day and this distresses her parent. The latter can no longer take her child’s dirty tricks, especially knowing that she is acting for a boy… Exasperated, she orders Betty to leave the premises and fend for herself.

To be continued in Plus belle la vie…

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