Is corruption looming in the White House ?: Art of his son brings Biden in trouble

Is there a threat of corruption in the White House?
His son’s art brings Biden into trouble

Hunter Biden is a painter. The US President’s son is now exhibiting his paintings in a New York gallery – and offering them for sale. The works of art are said to cost up to half a million dollars. The 51-year-old’s hobby threatens to become a political issue for his father.

The artistic activity of US President’s son Hunter Biden has put the White House press department in need of explanation. President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki struggled to address concerns that selling Hunter’s paintings posed a risk of corruption.

The businessman, lawyer and hobby painter Hunter Biden had recently started to exhibit his works in New York’s Georges Berges Gallery and also to offer them for sale. According to a media report, the paintings could be sold for up to half a million dollars. Critics warn that business people or others could only buy the art to gain influence in the White House.

President Biden’s office had responded by announcing “appropriate security precautions”: At exhibitions of Hunter’s work, “the sale of his art will be carried out by the gallery owner and the names and persons will be kept confidential,” said Psaki in early July.

However, that would not prevent the buyer of the paintings from letting Hunter know in person that he had purchased his art. When asked about this possibility, Psaki simply said that strict rules will apply. “He won’t know. He won’t know who is buying his art.”

Hunter Biden is one of former President Donald Trump’s favorite destinations. In the 2020 election campaign, the then incumbent had repeatedly highlighted the economic interests of his challenger’s son in Ukraine and China. Investigations into tax offenses are also ongoing against the 51-year-old.