Is it normal not to have had confirmation of validation?

The new declaration of real estate, to be completed before July 31, 2023, still raises many questions. Today, MoneyVox answers Sonia, who wonders if it is normal not to receive confirmation once the declaration has been completed.

Question from Sonia, July 2, 2023:

I finished filling in the boxes for the apartments a long time ago, but I have not had confirmation to know if everything is settled (the apartments are still available on the site as if I had not declared them). thank you for your comeback

Hello Sonia,

Like 34 million owners, you have the obligation to complete the new mandatory declaration required by the tax authorities for all owners of real estate. This document must allow the tax authorities to clearly identify the dwellings concerned by the remaining taxes, such as housing tax on secondary residences or on vacant dwellings.

If the obligation, initially fixed for June 30, has been postponed to July 31 because of a very low filling rate, the propensity of owners in good standing increases. Last Friday, 66% of owners had done the necessaryaccording to Jrme Fournel, Director General of the General Directorate of Public Finance (DGFiP).

No confirmation wait

Inevitably, the completion of the declaration brings its share of questions, including yours. And you are not alone! Many owners wonder if the declaration is completesince no confirmation is sent following the declaration.

A situation deplored by the Solidaires Finances publiques union, which explained in a letter that all the services are telling us about their lack of understanding on this point. This absence is a source of numerous calls and contacts, and a source of anxiety for taxpayers. Gold, a simple confirmation email would have saved taxpayers and agents a lot of stress.

So how do you know if everything is done right? From your personal tax space, under the Property section, you can consult your declaration. If the information contained therein is correct, you can consider the statement well done.

Otherwise, you just have to click on Declaration of occupation then modify my declaration. Once this is done, all you have to do is click on validate and send before the following message is displayed: Thank you for having completed this information. If you wish to consult the data that you entered during your declaration, click on the Consult button for your property in your Manage my properties space. Again, this means that the declaration has been taken into account.

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