Is Kad Merad done with comedy? He confides on the evolution of his career: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Revealed thanks to his comic talents alongside his lifelong sidekick Olivier Baroux, Kad Merad has had many successes in the cinema thanks to his roles in popular comedies, such as for example Welcome to the Ch'tis. If the actor excels in this register, he has also proven that he can be equally convincing in more dramatic fictions. This was particularly the case in the TV movie of TF1, The part of suspicion, where he played a character inspired by Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. On the occasion of an interview which will appear in the magazine Star TV on Monday March 15, 2021, Kad Merad spoke about this development in his career.

The actor notably indicated that he did not think he was able to play certain roles like the one he endorsed in the new miniseries of TF1, A man of honor, which will be launched on the air on Monday March 22, 2021 in prime time. "I don't know if I was capable of it, but I really wanted to. For much longer than you might imagine, I've been targeting characters who don't need to be laughed at to exist. This does not prevent me from continuing to make comedy and to continue my projects with Olivier, including a rather funny series for TV, precisely, " Kad Merad explained. Whoever recently ranted against the government will therefore not give up the comedy anytime soon.

Kad Merad: "I have never had so many proposals since Baron Noir"

In fact, Kad Merad had a real turning point in his career when he started to star in the series. Black Baron sure Canal +. "Thanks to this series, I had the opportunity to settle into a more dramatic register. Personally, I have never had so many proposals since," unveiled the comedian who spins the perfect love with the host of M6, Julia Vignali. However, Kad Merad admitted that his performance in Black Baron was a real game of poker. "It's a double-edged sword: either it freezes you and you're in deep trouble, because you end up like Navarro, or it's a turning point that opens up new horizons for you," explained the actor.

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