Is Marc Ruchmann in a relationship or single?


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Revealed in Plan Cœur, Marc Ruchmann will once again be featured in a series, this time broadcast on M6. But what about the actor’s private life?

On September 20, M6 will broadcast his new series, recalling the intrigues of Desperate Housewives, The house opposite. The main roles are played by Marc Ruchmann (Heart mapr), Julie de Bona (The Fighters), Thierry Neuvic (Mafiosa) and Caterina Murino (XIII). In the series, Eve and Yanis settle in a residential area where the couple meet their neighbors across the street. Against the backdrop of swinging, the two couples grow closer, but the relationship seems to turn to drama.

After the series Heart mapMarc Ruchmann is once again embarking on a project about love difficulties, but, this time, more in the thriller genre than in comedy. A darker work, similar to what he had been able to propose in Handlinga France 2 series in which he played the role of a manipulator.

On the side of his private life, Marc Ruchmann seems to lead a quieter life. Last December, the actor briefly confided in Here is about his love life. In a relationship with Leïla Nsairi, his manager, he explained share the love of music with his girlfriend. “She has a sensitivity and an artistic vision that I really like, so I sometimes like to ask her for advice or just ask her opinion, how she feels and whether she likes it or not”, he assured. Very discreet about his private life, the 41-year-old actor has not shared a photo with him since 2019, but, on September 13, it is together that the couple appeared on the red carpet of the Netflix movie premiere Athena.

The flourishing career of Marc Ruchmann

In his interview for Here isthe actor revealed that his companion was not “not jealous”but she was doing “Warning”. By playing in Largo Winch 2 and The TouristMarc Ruchmann notably played alongside Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie. And, if the actor seems to be multiplying projects in cinema and television, he is also pursuing a career as a beatboxer under the pseudonym of Markus. He notably released an album in 2019 titled reminiscences.


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