Is Stardew Valley cross-play?

Stardew Valley, the title of Éric Barone is no longer to be presented as he has made and is still talking about him today. Apart from the fact that the title was only developed by one and the same person, Stardew Valley is also one of the so-called ” wholesome games ” the most famous. Since its official release, many have been inspired by it, like Graveyard Keeper, to name just one example.

Inviting players to take over the family farm and prosper while befriending the characters of Pelican Town, Stardew Valley offers both single-player and co-op modes. However, those who intend to play with their friends wonder if Stardew Valley is cross-play.

Stardew Valley, cross-play available?

Above all, remember that the cross-play feature allows players from different gaming platforms to enjoy a title together. For example, Call of Duty: Warzoneto cite just one example, does indeed offer cross-play, as people on PC can play battle royale with players from PlayStation and Microsoft consoles.

Coming back to Stardew Valley and the question of cross-play, know that the functionality is unfortunately not present on the software. In addition, Éric Barone did not communicate on this subject. Although many players hope that cross-play will be integrated in the more or less near future, we do not have more information on this subject, and have not for a while.

Finally, let’s remember that the creator of Stardew Valley, Éric Barone, is currently working on his next video game project, named Haunted Chocolatierbut we don’t have a window or release date for the latter.

As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS and Android).

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