Is The Northman the best movie of the week?

To help you make your choices, here are the 3 films of the week best rated by the press and spectators on AlloCiné!*


1st: A Visa for Freedom: Mr. Gay Syria – 3.9/5

“In the small square of freedom offered by the LGBT community in Istanbul, lives can begin to be written. The capture of the competition, one of the strongest moments of the film, shows this diversity of incarnations.” By Clarisse Fabre (Le Monde)

“A visa for freedom conceals a gallery of moving portraits of men in struggle, who share their discouragement, their great loneliness, but also and above all their luminous strength.” By Marie-Hélène Soenen (Télérama)

2nd: Follow me, I’m running away from you – 3.8/5

“What makes the process gripping and grips the viewer is that not only are the characters in perpetual motion, going back and forth to one or the other, but they are constantly getting lost and found again.” By Vincent Ostria (L’Humanité)

“It is when social satire gives way to this somewhat awkward and wobbly romanticism that the most beautiful scenes, light and delicate, are born, from Suis moi je t’vous, as from its counterpart Fuis moi je t’su.” By Corentin Destefanis Dupin (Defector)

3rd: Trenches – 3.7/5

“Today, out of the ashes of this conflict filmed by Bureau rises a war that threatens to spread. Trenches is more relevant than ever, and its message has become stronger: passivity is not an option.” By François Forestier (L’Obs)

“One sometimes wonders what cinema can bring to a subject apparently wrung out by the news channels. With Trenches, Loup Bureau provides the most flamboyant of answers.” By Thierry Chèze (Premiere)


1st tie: Follow me, I’m running away from you – 3.7/5

“Playful, lively, surprising, the film is never where you expect it, just like these ethereal and impenetrable characters.” By johnnyc

“As the film is rhythmic and rich in picturesque characters, with erratic behavior, we are not bored for a single second, while wondering where Fukada is trying to take us.” By sydney

1st tie: The Duke – 3.7/5

“Jim Broadbent wonderfully portrays the man who stole a famous Goya painting in 1961. A sort of Robin Hood of the time with a hilarious banter, this one brings to the film a message of tolerance towards the underprivileged classes with as a backdrop the free TV license fee.” By Matt Niro

“Without going so far as to claim that The Duke is gloriously in line with the tradition of the great British comedies, we can easily concede that the film has not betrayed tradition, with a certain modesty in its execution which pays quite good homage to its hero, a modest 60-year-old from Newcastle.” By sydney

3rd: The Northman – 3.6/5

“2h20 of great spectacle where Alexander Skarsgård shows his muscles in an outburst of violence, always very well filmed (several sequence shots) and well helped by the grandiose soundtrack which sometimes recalls that of Hans Zimmer. Action, History , a huge cast and an excellent production: The Northman is a film to see!” By The Last Stormtrooper

“Bloody, brutal, mystical and absolutely beautiful. We are quickly captivated by the main character’s thirst for revenge. The script is worn but brilliantly staged.” By sydney

* According to the ratings of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday May 13, 2022, for films released in theaters on Wednesday May 11 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include films already released once or several times in France.

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