Is the return on your euro fund part of the gratin?

Life insurance 2021 rate announcement season is in full swing. Some insurers take the opportunity to display in parallel the return paid on the fund in euros of their PER. Overview.

The fund in euros is not the alpha and the omega of life insurance, but each year all eyes turn to the rates of return, which increase over the weeks in January. But this ball of announcements is also that of the Retirement Savings Plan: insurers generally also take the opportunity to lift the veil on the remuneration served on the secure medium of their retirement investment.

Here are the 2021 rates (right column) and the 2020 returns in order to compare the evolution, for the main contracts and for the most prompt insurers to reveal themselves. First observation, as for life insurance: no downfall to regret, and rather good surprises to discover…

Teaches Contract 2020 rate of the euro fund 2021 rate of the euro fund
PER distributed in banks
Savings Bank Millevie PER 1%
Credit Agricole Perspective 1.70%
Credit Mutuel (ACM Life) PER Pension Insurance 1.15%+
Credit Mutuel (Suravenir) Retreat Screening 1.70%
Credit du Nord Antarius Perin 1.10%
The postal bank Cashmere PER 1% +
LCL LCL Pension PER 1.70%
Societe Generale PER Acacia 1.10% 1.20%+
PER of insurers, associations and mutuals
Afer (Aviva) PERIN Afer 1.25% 1.15%
Agipi (Axa) Far PER 1.25%
Allianz Allianz PER Horizon 1.70%
Bee Insurance (formerly Aviva) PER Plural Retreat 1.25%
Axa My PER Retreat 1.30%
eras PER Eres 0.50% +
Gaipare (Agas France) PER Zen 1.20%
Madder Madder Srnit 2.50%
Groupama and Gan New life 0.90%+
France Mutualist LFM PER’Form 1.70% 1.60%
MACSF RES Retreat 1.60% 2.10%
maif PER Responsible and Solidarity 1.30% 1.30%
Orada Life / Primonial PrimoPER 1.20% 2.35%
SMAvie SMAvie Individual PER 1.10% 1.30%
Swiss Life SwissLife PER Individual 0.80%+
PER online, reduced fees
Altaprofits [email protected] 1.05%+ Evolution PER 1.66%
Linxea Linxea PER 1%
Linxea Linxea Spirit PER 1.65%
Better investment rates Best PER rate 1% +
Better investment rates Best Liberty PER rates 1.65%
Epargnissimo, Meilleurtaux Placement, Linxea,, etc. Suravenir PER 1.70% PER Placement-Direct 1.10% + PER Relevance Retirement 1.70%

Rate+: rates advertised with a possible bonus. The rate listed here is the base rate, the lower of the range.
All returns are stated net of management fees (but before any social and tax contributions)

Retirement : save by paying less tax. 11 contracts compared

Compare (also) fees… and pilot management

Warning! Already, for life insurance, it is not recommended to rely solely on the performance of the fund in euros to choose its contract. This is even truer for the Retirement Savings Plan, the expiry of which is so far off that it is advisable to strongly diversify your savings on unit-linked (UC). By default, a PER is moreover piloted in horizon management, that is to say a risky investment which becomes more secure as you approach retirement.

Above all, the costs levied by banks and insurers on PERs are too high, as the tenant of Bercy, Bruno Le Maire, regrets. The large gap in PER costs can be seen in payment fees (0% on the internet, 3.18% on average elsewhere) but also in management fees, arbitration fees, etc. Keep in mind when comparing!

Comparison of retirement savings plans

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