Is there a real difference between electronic and conventional pregnancy tests?

Electronic version, classic version, pregnancy tests represent a real market. However, choosing a good pregnancy test can be a complicated task. As such, a controversy around electronic and conventional testing has arisen on social networks.

An American computer scientist known by the nickname Foone turning has decided to dismantle a classic pregnancy test and an electronic test in order to prove if the latter is more precise and the result is surprising!

To his amazement, the classic test is no different from the electronic test. What changes then? The electronic test version has light-emitting diode components designed to detect lines that appear on the tab. These electronic components are only used to read the result and write it down on the screen.
" Frankly this is a scam », Concludes Foone Turing. " We buy digital tests because we think they will be more accurate, but they work in exactly the same way. "

A real scam?

Why choose an electronic test if the classic version gives the same result with the same speed? Some denounce the environmental cost while others highlight the convenience for some users.

Indeed, the Chinese YouTuber Naomi Wu known in the community of "makers" under the nickname SexyCyborg, wanted to react on Twitter concerning the controversial thread of the computer scientist Foone Turning by explaining that having an electronic test is just as beneficial than a classic test, especially with regard to the ease of interpretation for everyone.

" Pregnancy tests are 99% reliable in a lab and 75% reliable when done outside, especially due to reading errors related to education or accessibility, so no it is not stupid to '' use an electronic interface to help women read these tests better. "

While for Foone Turning it was just hacking a pregnancy test out of curiosity, it's a whole different story when it comes to a young woman terrified of getting pregnant or someone who would have trouble deciphering his test due to vision problems.
" I will learn this lesson in the future when I talk about things other than my usual activities of exploring old software. Foone Turing explained on his twitter account. " This machine has much bigger societal implications and I should have been paying attention ".

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