Is Wish a good Disney movie? The first spectators give their opinion on Asha and the lucky star

The Christmas Disney “Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star” can be seen at the cinema. What do the first spectators think?

Two years after Encanto, Disney Studios are back on the big screen with Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star.

The sixty-second feature film from the prolific century-old studio, the film follows Asha, an idealistic and quick-witted 17-year-old girl who lives in Rosas, a fantasy kingdom off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula in which literally any wish can be come true.

In a moment of despair, she sends a sincere and powerful wish to the stars to which a cosmic force will respond: a small ball of infinite energy named Star.

Together, Star and Asha will face the most formidable of enemies, King Magnifico, and prove that the wish of a determined person, combined with the magic of the stars, can truly produce miracles.

Packed with references to the studios’ previous films, Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star pays homage to Walt Disney and his legacy. Mixing 2D and 3D animation using new technology, the film by Chris Buck (Frozen) and Fawn Veerasunthorn divides spectators.

As of this writing, the film has an average viewer rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 based on 227 ratings and 55 reviews.

While some viewers praise the film’s animation style, others find the drawings and static background rather ugly. Concerning the numerous references (there are more than a hundred), if the majority of spectators appreciate these references, others find that the film lacks originality. The music also seems to divide and the songs are alternately judged sublime or unbearable.

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A “feel-good” film

Thus, Eva C. – who gives the film the maximum score – writes: “A love hymn to Disney. Accessible for little ones and full of references and subtext for older Disney fans. I’m not a fan of the graphics but for everything else I find it absolutely splendid!

For Lyah, Wish is “a very nice animated film with a good storyline full of humor and emotion. I loved the music and the graphics are sublime. Huge crush on the star’s little character. Great family entertainment.

For his part, Elliot Arnaud seems won over : “This film is a pure masterpiece that pays homage to the Disney studio. The story is wonderful, the direction is spectacular, and the songs are magnificent.”

Simon Bernard for his part appreciates the story and the moral of the film: “Wish is a nice Disney movie that is easy to watch. The plot is not very difficult to understand and is quite nice.

We discover a heroine who is outraged by a biased world where free will no longer exists in the face of a villain who is less Manichean than in the old Disney films: at first he wants to do well but by imposing his vision on others, like any self-respecting dictator.

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Visually, Wish is interesting and provides nice animations that will delight young and old. I appreciated the concept of wishes and the highlighting of ease: your wish is granted but it’s not you who decide, you are dependent.”

The film’s songs divide viewers

Juliette M gives it a rating of 3.5. If she likes the moral of the film and the song performed by Océane Demontis, she regrets the visual style of Wish. “How good this film is! In addition to being full of references to Disney classics – which makes it the perfect tribute to the studio’s 100th anniversary – Wish gives us an essential message: we have everything in us to achieve our dreams. We must not let others decide for us and take charge of our lives.

The theme of the song “I make the wish” is also very well chosen and the optimistic lyrics bring a real message of hope. The heroes are reminiscent of those from Disney films from the 90’s. However, I am less of a fan of the animation. A very good moment”

The member of the AlloCiné Club, Roub E., is more divided and does not appreciate the songs in the film. He gives it a rating of 3.5. “Wish symbolizes a bit of the best and worst that Disney can produce at the moment. I wasn’t super excited about the screening, but the film immediately surprised me with a real aesthetic bias.

Pastel tones, an overall aesthetic reminiscent of mosaic… Even if the backdrop of the kingdom and the forest that surrounds it remains familiar for a Disney, there is a real desire to show new things from a graphic point of view.

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The story is also surprising and daring with this kingdom where security reigns but where their inhabitants had to give up their dreams. (…) But the good surprises are spoiled by frankly horrible songs, to a point where I wondered if there had not been translation problems for the latter.

The lyrics are bland, the music seems to have been written by an artificial intelligence that was asked to recycle the recipe from Frozen.”

The CritizMan seems to agree: “Laborious and interminable music, mixture of horribly ugly sketched 2D/3D. “Encanto” was already the nails in the coffin; this “Wish” is the final blow, further driving the nails in to seal the coffin.

The main characters are ridiculous, uninteresting and poorly written, while the secondary characters only serve functions that have already been seen a thousand times.”

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“A fan service film”

For Alolfer, who gives it an average rating of 2.5 stars, there are far too many winks but the graphics and music make up for it all. “What a desappointment ! For Disney’s 100th anniversary, we were hoping for a better feature film to best celebrate this anniversary. Ultimately, it’s a fan service film, mixing the vast majority of other Disney films into one film… No originality.

The characters are copies of other iconic Disney characters but much less interesting. Fortunately, the animation is decent, and the songs are pretty good but they are poorly distributed.”

Shawn777 from Club AlloCiné concludes: “Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star is therefore clearly not the most notable Disney classic but does serve as a very good tribute film.

But the best thing is to form your own opinion. Wish – Asha and the Lucky Star can be seen at the cinema.

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