Isabel Edvardsson gives an honest body update after the birth

Isabel Edvardsson
Honest body update after the birth

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Professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson became a mother for the second time recently, and is slowly starting to work on her body again. But she is not in a hurry, as she reveals in an honest post on Instagram.

Isabel Edvardsson, 39, is now a mother of two for almost four months. After son Mika, 4, another offspring completes the family. In an honest post on Instagram, the “Let’s Dance” familiarity now reveals how her fitness is going after the birth.

Isabel Edvardsson takes it slowly

While many celebrity moms don’t seem to want to waste time getting back to their pre-baby bodysuit after giving birth, the 39-year-old professional dancer is in no hurry. So she now reveals on Instagram that she has actually hardly lost any weight. She doesn’t think that’s bad – on the contrary!

“It’s not the case with me”

Many people would have told her before her second pregnancy that she would surely get back to her dream figure quickly, writes the native of Sweden on Instagram. And honestly adds: “Well, that’s not the case with me.”

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In the photo that shows her in the gym, the extra pounds – after all, Isabel Edvardsson had put on an impressive 18 kg in her second pregnancy – can hardly be seen, but still: They are still there! The “Let’s Dance” celebrity writes words for the likeable mirror selfie that are rarely heard from celebrity ladies. “I don’t have any miracle genes. I still have the pounds (minus the birth weight of my son ;-)) on top of it.” But she doesn’t let herself be stressed by this, because “to be honest, I don’t feel bad about it.”

It starts again

Despite her relaxed approach to her new curves, it is now time to “wake up” her muscles, says Isabel. The goal is to make her feel a little fitter again. She doesn’t care about her appearance. In the comments on her post, the 39-year-old gets a lot of encouragement from her followers. “Nice message to” freshly baked “mothers !!!! As a midwife, the weight question comes from 90% of the women”, writes a fan of the dancer, another new mommy sympathizes with Isabel: “Same here! But give yourself time & us make it together! “

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