Isabel Vollmer: "Unter uns" star would have to give up her job without mom


Isabel Vollmer
"Unter uns" star would have to give up her job without mom

Isabel Vollmer plays Monika Huber in "Unter Uns".

© imago images / Sven Simon

With three children, Isabel Vollmer's time in lockdown is not exactly easy. It's good that her mother is there to help.

The German actress Isabel Vollmer (35, "Die Läusemutter") is a triple mom. Without her own mother Caren, she would probably not be able to reconcile her family and her job at "Unter uns" during the pandemic, as she explains in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper. "More children means more work. With three children you reach your limits," says the actress. If she has to look after her little ones alone, she is "fully occupied". She can only learn texts for her role as Monika Huber when the children are in bed.

"She is lucky for me"

The children's grandmother lives only about five minutes away and is "practically in constant use". "She is lucky for me," says Vollmer happily. Your mom takes care of the children when filming is due. "Without my mom, I'd have to quit my job," the actress continues.

Vollmer asked herself several times whether she could still do her job with three children. When she had her third baby, "at first I just wanted to be a mom". However, her husband changed her mind: "He motivated me to accept the offer for 'Unter Uns'. He knows me well and knows that I am happy to have something else to do." It's great that she can do both.