Isabell Horn: Ex- "GZSZ" star learned to love his caesarean scar

Isabell Horn gave birth to her two children by caesarean section. She now loves the scars that have left.

In July 2019, actress Isabell Horn (36) gave birth to her second child – like Ella (3), Fritz, who is now one, was born by caesarean section. Two interventions that left traces on the body of the ex- "GZSZ" actress. In a new Instagram post, the mother of two now speaks openly about her caesarean scar and explains how she came to love it.

Intimate picture with an emotional message

"When I was pregnant with Ella, I firmly assumed that I would give birth naturally," writes Isabell Horn about the picture that shows her in underwear and with a painted heart directly above the scar on her lower abdomen. After many hours in the delivery room and a birth arrest, the daughter's heartbeat became so weak that an emergency caesarean section could no longer be avoided.

The 36-year-old describes it as a "violent intervention". The weeks after that were terrible. "I blamed myself and wondered if I was a good mother at all if I couldn't even give birth." Today she knows that the emergency caesarean was the only right decision. She was grateful that her daughter was allowed to see the light of day safe and sound, but the weeks after that were "no picnic", especially because the scar was painful and healed badly.

Another caesarean section with his son Fritz

Before the birth of their son Fritz in the summer of 2019, it was clear earlier that it would be another caesarean section. Horn has a heart-shaped uterus, as she explains. That's why the baby couldn't turn. That is why she mentally prepared for the procedure weeks before the due date. Her conclusion: "This time it was less bad!"

"Just because I knew what to expect?" The actress wonders. "Maybe. But mostly because I had a different attitude towards the caesarean section." Even the scar healed better the second time. And yet Isabell Horn initially found her scar "terrible". Now, however, she wears them "like an award". She made her peace with the fact that she would never give birth to another child naturally. Her scar reminds her today above all of "the pain, the joy and my infinite gratitude that our mice were born healthy".


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