Isabelle Adjani: 40 years later, this surprise that she has in store for her fans

Isabelle Adjani will star in the new François Ozon, Peter von Kant, on July 6. Met for the promotion of this film, the actress and singer revealed, at the microphone of AlloCiné, the surprise project that she has in store for her fans in 2023.


40 years after his one and only album (under the title Isabelle Adjani), the actress and singer will unveil a completely new record in the spring of 2023.

This is what she revealed, at the microphone of AlloCiné, during an interview for the release of Peter Von Kant, during a duet interview with filmmaker François Ozon.

Isabelle Adjani discussed with us the cover of a song by Jeanne Moreau (from the film Querelle), “Jeder tötet was er liebt“, from Peter Von Kant’s soundtrack, available today on all music platforms, before announcing this project, which has been kept completely secret to this day.

It will be a duet album, with “many other singers“, in particular Benjamin Biolay, Gaëtan Roussel, or even Etienne Daho. Composed only of original songs (including one written by Isabelle Adjani herself), the latter will also include an unpublished song with Christophe, which both had recorded before the death of Christophe in the spring of 2020.

For the record, Isabelle Adjani had already sung a first duet with Christophe in 2008, “Wo Wo Wo Wo” from the album love what we are.

Isabelle Adjani has regularly unveiled songs in recent years, for example alongside the group The Penelopes (“Meet me by the gates”), André Manoukian (for a cover of Serge Gainsbourg, “Exactly under the sun“) or with Malik Djoudi (the title “Some words“, taken from the album Troy), but she had not released a complete album since 1983. The release of this new album scheduled for next spring will therefore take place 40 years later.

The album notably included his hit Pull marine, whose clip had been directed by Luc Besson

The song taken from peter von kant“Jeder tötet was er liebt” has just been released on the platforms, pending the release of François Ozon’s film on July 6th.

Peter Von Kant marks the actress’ first collaboration with the director and screenwriter Francois Ozon. The story of Peter Von Kant (Denis Ménochet), famous successful director. He lives with his assistant Karl (Stefan Crepon), whom he likes to mistreat. Thanks to the great actress Sidonie (Isabelle Adjani), he meets and falls in love with Amir (Khalil Ben Gharbia), a young man of modest origins. He offers her to share his apartment and help her get into the cinema…

Isabelle Adjani will also soon be on stage: she is expected on the stage of the Théâtre de l’Atelier in Paris, for the play Le Vertige Marilyn, based on a text by Olivier Steiner, from July 5 to next (more informations).

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