Islamists criticize UN: Taliban want to go to the climate conference in Dubai

Islamists criticize UN
Taliban want to go to the climate conference in Dubai

The Taliban in Afghanistan complain that they were not allowed to attend the UN climate conference in Dubai. The country is calling for financial support in the fight against climate change. The region is particularly affected by extreme weather events.

The radical Islamic Taliban ruling Afghanistan have criticized their country’s exclusion from this year’s UN climate conference in Dubai. Not allowing government representatives to take part in international negotiations is repression of the population, the Afghan news channel Tolonews quoted from a letter from the environmental authority.

According to the broadcaster, the Islamists also emphasized that Afghanistan needs support in adapting to climate change. According to the United Nations, Afghanistan is one of the countries most affected by climate change and produces the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.

Heavy rain and drought in Afghanistan

However, after more than 40 years of war, the country itself has hardly any means to mitigate the consequences of climate change. Afghanistan has already had to contend with various extreme weather events this year, such as heavy rain and droughts.

Afghanistan was also not represented at the COP27 climate conference in November last year. The Taliban government has not yet been recognized by any country. A total of around 70,000 participants are expected at the climate conference in the Persian Gulf. At last year’s edition in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 40,000 people were accredited.

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